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(Reviews) Supergirl 4x7; Arrow 7x7; Legends Of Tomorrow 4x6; The Flash 5x7; Black Lightning 2x7

Supergirl 4x7; Arrow 7x7; Legends Of Tomorrow 4x6; The Flash 5x7; Black Lightning 2x7

If you're not watching Legends Of Tomorrow, give it a try! It brings delightful crack evey week! :)

Supergirl 4x7

So Kara burns turkey leftovers? Ha!

The Lena/Adam scenes were depressing.

Manchester Black is one scary dude!

Where are you getting this stuff, James? Reputation isn't nothing, it's everything!

Arrow 7x7

Lots of action, but too much blood and violence for me.
Stanley the Sidekick will resurface, and Diaz? He'll probably be back, more's the pity

Legends Of Tomorrow 4x6

The crack continues! :)

Ooh, sexy Sara! Quite the birthday gift, eh, Ava? ;)

Mona is an interesting new character, but hopefully she's used judiciously. I sense that a little of her goes a long way. However, she does have a good idea about aesthetics. Too many Government types like Ava dismiss environment too readily. And the bonding session among Mona, Ava, and Nora was priceless, as was Ray stuck in the envelope! Ha!

Well, now, Hank serenading a Minotaur with a James Taylor song? LMAO! Pure genius! :)

The Flash 5x7

Thanksgiving and some serious daddy issues!

Black Lightning 2x7

I'm surprised that they stopped Looker already. Is she done for good?

Love Jefferson being powered up while the bad guys think it's torture.

Ha, ever-watchful Gambi! And nice scene between him and Jefferson. Somewhere deep down, Jefferson knew Gambi wasn't dead. That storyline should be cool, but first they have to find Jen!

Poor Khalil. He was so alone, but he's got Jen again. Unfortunately, Tobias will be on their trail.


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