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(Reviews) Supergirl 4x6; Arrow 7x6; Legends Of Tomorrow 4x5; The Flash 5x6; Black Lightning 2x6

Supergirl 4x6; Arrow 7x6; Legends Of Tomorrow 4x5; The Flash 5x6; Black Lightning 2x6

Supergirl 4x6

Nice Thanksgiving scene despite depressing topic. This show is such a bummer these days! If I want a hate-filled world, I can just turn on the news.

At least Colonel Haley isn't a boilerplate martinet. Sweet potato pie! :)

Alex and canned cranberry! Hey, I've had that and homemade and both are just fine.

I didn't think Lena and James would last. Luthors don't understand boundaries and James is being kind of a dick this season.

Lena is diverging from the group's way of thinking, I see. More isolation?

Brainy the physics ninja! :)

I did enjoy the Thanksgiving leftovers scene. Looks like Kara loves stuffing! :)

Arrow 7x6

Felicity is so focused on Oliver's plight that she doesn't care who she runs over to help him.

Ollie, you dope. Laurel can get you out! Good thing she stuck with it.

I thought Anatoly might be a plant by Diaz after torture. Maybe he still is. Who knows on this show?

So Stanley the Sidekick has something to hide?

Legends Of Tomorrow 4x5

Tagumo's a pretty scary octopus!

Sara could use another drinking buddy. Welcome, Charlie!

Ha, Gary and Nate handled things at the office, and what is Hank up to? Any project that uses the name 'Hades' can't be good.

Three boobs, Rory? Eww! Good thing I like your writing, but still eww!

Great fight between Mick's creation and the octopus on the miniature set. I really liked the behind-the-scenes look at Japanese filmmaking.

There might be hope for Nora after all. Glad she and Ray saved Constantine.

The Flash 5x6

Interesting origin story for Killer Frost and a new villain!

Cute Iris/Nora bonding.

Cecile and Ralph are adorable together. :)

Black Lightning 2x6

This show has the creepiest villains! Looker is horrific, right on Tobias Whale's level.

Poor Lynn. The fall-out isn't pretty.

Poor Khalil. Good thing he has Jen to talk to.

South Freeland is one strange place.

Gambi still on the job, though in secret now.

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