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(Reviews) Supergirl 4x5; Arrow 7x5; Legends Of Tomorrow 4x4; The Flash 5x5; Black Lightning 2x5

Supergirl 4x5; Arrow 7x5; Legends Of Tomorrow 4x4; The Flash 5x5; Black Lightning 2x5

Supergirl 4x5

Nice to see Colonel Haley not be an overbearing bureaucrat. Then she reveals anti-alien sentiments!

Good action in this episode.

Can I say how much I loved Alex bringing pizzas over to Kara and J'onn AND KARA ACTUALLY EATING A SLICE! How many times is food featured on a show AND NOBODY EATS IT? The show also does ice cream noshes. :)

Is J'onn now the Sam Spade of the alien community? :)

James finally realizes ignoring people like Ben Lockwood doesn't make hate magically disappear.

Ignore the desperate at your peril.

A once-upbeat show is now drowning in hate and bigotry. :(

Arrow 7x5

Interesting to see the Felicity/Laurel cooperation continue, and now Dinah is added!

Glad that Curtis stood up for himself.

Gee, after Level Two, even Level One seems like Home Sweet Home!

Legends Of Tomorrow 4x4

Aw, Ava keeps a picture of the actors who played her parents on her desk.

I figured the handsome counselor was too good to be true.

Sara as soulmate to the campers and Ava as drill sergeant.

Constantine can be a genuine bastard but genuinely good, too, warning Ray off and saving that kid at the risk of his own life.

Mick and Charlie connecting? Awesome!

The Flash 5x5

Wow, Rag Doll is the creepiest villain I've ever seen! This episode should have aired around Halloween. Good job!

Iris: bad-ass!

Ralph's adorable, as usual. :)

Black Lightning 2x5

Exciting opening scene, but poor Gambi! I hope Jefferson's right and he got away unharmed. He was using the Nick Fury brand of automobile. ;)

Nice to see everyone's reactions to his death. It's easy to take a guy like him for granted.

Pretty shocking scene with the Green Light Babies, but not all that surprising.

I did like Bill Henderson coming over to tell Jefferson personally about Gambi. He's still Jeff's friend despite being ticked off at him.

Always enjoy seeing Two-Bits. :)


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