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Week 9: New England Patriots 31, Green Bay Packers 17 (7-2) (Sunday, November 4, 2018)

Week 9: New England Patriots 31, Green Bay Packers 17 (7-2) (Sunday, November 4, 2018)

The Great Showdown between the Patriots and Packers started out close. The Pats made a dazzling opening drive, going super-speed, and the defense was surprisingly good, but the offense did sputter and the defense faltered, enough so that the score was 17-17 at one point.

Then the Pats pulled some tricks out of their bag, including a flea-flicker that was thrown by wide receiver Julian Edelman (he was a quarterback in college) to James White. It was fun to see the creativity of the offense, and the defense stepped up again.

BTW, NBC presented this as a showdown between Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers for Greatest Of All Time status. Pffft! Brady's 5 Super Bowl rings versus Rodgers' 1. Clutch performances in the playoffs by Tommy. No contest!

The Pats and Dolphins won, and the Bills and Jets lost.


NE 7-2
Miami 5-4
NYJ 3-6
BUFF 2-7

Next week: the Pats meet the Tennessee Titans, coached by former Patriots player, Mike Vrabel.

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