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(Reviews) Supergirl 4x4, Arrow 7x4, Legends Of Tomorrow 4x3

Supergirl 4x4, Arrow 7x4, Legends Of Tomorrow 4x3

Supergirl 4x4

So, Mercy and Otis are dead, Lena and Brainy 'science', and Kara loves pies, much like her cousin! :)

Good that we got background on Agent Liberty, otherwise he might just be a garden-variety villain.

Ugh, the earworm thing was awful when Khan did it to Chekov in The Wrath Of Khan, and Jenson getting it isn't much better.

The pie scene between Kara and Alex was very comforting. We need their couch scenes to be a mainstay.

Poor J'onn was a mess this episode!

Manchester Black is an interesting addition. A bit reminiscent of Constantine.

Arrow 7x4

Hmm, that prison doctor sure is messing with Oliver's head.

Felicity and Laurel teaming up was interesting. Laurel's approval of Dark Felicity was amusing.

I still love Old Roy. I'm liking the future fragments.

Legends Of Tomorrow 4x3

Ray as a punk rocker? Ha, ha!

Kind of sad to see Constantine with his mother in 1977. I really liked Zari giving him the picture of the two of them together.

Mick and John getting into a fight against each other? Oh, they're destined to wind up as bros!

Speaking of bros, I'm really liking Nate and Gary together 'adventuring'.

Yeah, Sara, good call not to tell Nate about the 'new Amaya' yet, though I see a shock in his future.

I like Charlie. Doesn't really seem a bad sort.

Will Constantine's leprechaun test work in the future? Maybe Ray should have tried a bowl of Lucky Charms! :)

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