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(Reviews) Supergirl 4x3; Arrow 7x3; Legends/Tomorrow 4x2; The Flash 5x4; Black Lightning 2x4

Supergirl 4x3; Arrow 7x3; Legends Of Tomorrow 4x2; The Flash 5x4; Black Lightning 2x4

Supergirl 4x3

Ah, so they did see what motivated the anti-alien side in this episode. Basically, we got a mild-mannered history professor, Ben Lockwood, who was initially on the aliens' side. Loss after crushing loss gradually mired him in a pit of resentment and rage.

What struck me was how often he was ignored. When he spoke to Lena about saving his father's company, she brushed him off with talk of progress. When he went to James at CatCo and asked that more attention be paid to those who had lost so much in the wake of the Daxamite invasion, he was brushed off. When he pleaded with the college dean to save his job, she said, "You brought this on yourself." Which, BTW, is true, as he knew if he kept teaching controversial ideas, he'd be out. Universities like to say they're for free speech, but they have definite guidelines. Liberal colleges only want liberal teaching. Conservative colleges only want conservative teaching. Real intellectual inquiry is a thing of the past.

I can understand why Ben turned, though I don't approve of his hatred and killing, of course. That's a pretty drastic reaction. Little-by-little, he lost everything he held dear: his father's company, his home, his job, his father...the list goes on and on. People are hanging on by their fingernails as they lose jobs and homes and they want a scapegoat in this callous world.

Lena and James came across as comfortable elitists with wealth (Lena) or a good-paying job (James). They didn't seem to care, or at least, that was the way they came across to Ben. Perception. It's what makes the world go 'round.

Even J'onn appeared clueless. Sure, he saved the Lockwoods from the Daxamite warrior, but didn't realize their house was burning as a result.

Arrow 7x3

So Agent Watson's in the deal? Could be interesting.

Oliver's gone a little crazy, Lyla and John made up, and Felicity's running roughshod over everybody to get Diaz. Nice show of gratitude to Agent Watson by lying to her, Felicity.

The CW is really running out of ideas. Prison/Fight Club storylines in Arrow and Riverdale and even Barry in prison last season. *sigh*

Legends Of Tomorrow 4x2

Constantine and Mick butting heads is no surprise. :)

Nate and his dad are a typically clueless father and son.

I guess the opportunity of messing with time is just too tempting. Jeez, Zari! She's really losing it.

Crafty old fairy godmother. I didn't think she deserved hell. Damn you, Constantine!

Nate talking to Pig Ray! Ray transforming back naked into Nate's arms and Nate turning to Steel!

I do understand why they're putting Nate at the Time Bureau, but I'll sure miss his moments with Ray. They're adorable bros. :)

The Flash 5x4

So now we know why Nora is so cool to Iris. And maybe that 'good reason' of Future Iris isn't so good after all. Will be interesting to find out.

Barry as a failed athlete is pretty funny, considering his non-day job. ;)

I liked Sherloque Wells working with Ralph and giving him the credit at the end. Interesting that Ralph didn't look as if he was going to claim the credit at all before Sherloque told the truth.

Black Lightning 2x4

Tobias engineered the whole thing. Clever villain.

Bill Henderson is cute.

Anissa's still heading for that fall, and now Jen is, too. Getting involved with Khalil again isn't a wise move.

Lynn, how does it feel to be working with a soulless psycho?

Sorry to see Kara go. She could've been an interesting character this season.

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