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Halloween Fun

Hi, luvs!

Halloween was a lot of fun at work this year. We all dressed up and had a party. We carved pumpkins (mine was a bat!) and ate food that the Culinary Arts students prepared while music played. I had a doughnut hole, two slices of bruschetta, and cranberries on toast. The punch was just right, not too sweet.

I wore my Ghouls' Night Out T-shirt, black pants and shoes, a purple Witch hat, black, yellow and orange beads, a Jack O'Lantern bracelet and a diamond-eyed (not real, ha!) snake bracelet. My make-up was a little wild and pictures were taken of everyone. Others dressed up as a voodoo boca, a cat, Cruella De Ville, zombies and a spiderwoman. Treats were given out (I brought some candy, too) and I probably overdosed on sugar, tee hee.

The lobby was filled with ghosts and mummies (cut-outs) and three Witches bent over a cauldron. The dolls were adorable! In my office was a ghost and a plastic Jack O'Lantern holding a wand. :)

We left all the decorations up for the rest of the week and will take them down Monday. It was a lot of fun!

After work was oohing and aahing over cute little trick-or-treaters and lighting candles for an appropriately spooky atmosphere while watching TV in-between answering the doorbell.

Hope you all had fun, too! :)

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Tags: food, halloween, holiday, pumpkin, rl, witch
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