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Week 8: New England Patriots 25, Buffalo Bills 6 (6-2) (Monday, October 29, 2018)

Week 8: New England Patriots 25, Buffalo Bills 6 (6-2) (Monday, October 29, 2018)

A bit of a slog in the first half. The offense was out-of-sync and didn't score a TD until the second half. The defense actually did their jobs pretty well this week. An interception by Devin McCourty brought back for a touchdown, the first time a defensive TD was scored by a Pat.

Tom had a nice run. He's hit 997 rusing yards in his career. Coming up on a thousand! ;)

Sometimes you can blow out a bad team. Other times, especially if it's a divisional rival, can be a rock fight. Well, the Pats did win by the length of two touchdowns despite only scoring one. ;)

The Pats won and the rest of the division lost. Situation normal. ;)

The Green Bay Packers come to Foxboro for Sunday Night Football next week.


NE 6-2
Miami 4-4
NYJ 3-5
BUFF 2-6

And, hey, the Red Sox won the World Series last Sunday! How cool is that? Eleven championships for New England sports fans in the 21st century!

Patriots: 5
Red Sox: 4
Celtics: 1
Bruins: 1

Considering that the Pats came close to winning 3 more and the Cektics and Bruins 1 more each, the number could've been 16! :)

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