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(Reviews) Supergirl 4x2; Arrow 7x2; Legends Of Tomorrow 4x1; The Flash 5x3; Black Lightning 2x3

Supergirl 4x2; Arrow 7x2; Legends Of Tomorrow 4x1; The Flash 5x3; Black Lightning 2x3

Supergirl 4x2

Subtle, this show ain't.

Poor Brainy! What a disaster at the pizzeria. Yay for Nia standing up for him.

Apple and olive pizza? I'd try it! :)

This show is going all dark and depressing! Ugh, don't we get enough hate in this country in real life?

Loved Lena standing protectively in front of Kara and Kara desperate to get away to change into Supergirl. Huh, if Lena didn't suspect that Kara was Supergirl by now, those flimsy excuses would clinch the deal!

Eve is a whiz with lockpicking!

What bothers me about this new direction is that the issue of aliens is treated as black-and-white. Why wouldn't people be bothered by their President exposed as an alien? It was a pretty big lie. I'm betting that people who didn't really care about aliens or were leaning toward alien rights are now re-thinking things. And that's not being bad people, they're just trying to figure out what's going on after a big betrayal.  Their trust was violated.

And why wouldn't people be fearful of alien invasion? Kara's own people have tried it, and the Daxamites came close. Why does the DEO exist if not to protect Earth from alien invasion?

I understand how people can get crazy when they're scared and feel as if the Government doesn't give a crap about them. The President thing will serve as a rallying recruiting cry for the anti-alien forces.

Unfortunately, Hollywood, like America, doesn't do nuance well. Everything is either-or, throw-the-baby-out-with-the-bathwater. There should be people who were once on the aliens' sides greatly disturbed by the reveal. And everyone with legitimate questions shouldn't be shown to be bigots. Some people have genuine concerns. OTOH, show people coming around to the pro-alien side after seeing news reports on incidents like Brainy's. There should be some good guys with questions, and maybe some bad guys, as well.

The manipulation of hate and fear should continue to be shown, as it's ridiculously easy to get people whipped up into a frenzy against the 'Other'. Human beings do the mob hysteria thing quite well.  We've had a lot of practice.

Keep showing encounters like Brainy's in the pizzeria with innocent aliens being caught up in the hate.  Just try a little nuance, guys. 

Arrow 7x2

Wow, Felicity, could you be any more selfish?  Just barrel ahead and don't care if Curtis or John lose their jobs. It's all about YOU!

John's right, Oliver ISN'T coming back.  It was his stupid decision to go to jail, remember?

I'm really digging Old Roy!

Legends Of Tomorrow 4x1

Looks like the Legends will continue their delightful wackiness. The Beatles, Woodstock, and a sparkly unicorn from hell!  Jerry Garcia, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin unknowingly providing spell ingredients. John Constantine doing his thing.  Gary!  And Ava and Sara so lovey-dovey and happy. :)

Stoned Legends are awesome! :)

The Flash 5x3

Ah, a new Wells! I like him.

The Death of Vibe...not!

Poor Joe really got it this episode.

And now we see Cicada with a little girl in a coma, caused by a meta, no doubt.

I KNEW Caitlin's father wasn't dead!  This should be interesting.

Black Lightning 2x3

Well, no surprise that the new principal is a jerk, to put it mildly.

I like the idea of a superhero therapist. And like the black-owned barbershop is important to the African-American community, the black-owned beauty salon is, too.

Will Anissa get her old girlfriend back? Could be! :)

Cool raid on the drug dealers by Anissa and Gambi.

Poor Khalil.  He's pretty much caught.  You can tell he was disturbed by the death of the man he only meant to scare.

Bill Henderson is still majorly angry about the whole Black Lightning thing, but he'll come around.

Lynn, tsk, tsk, tsk, you've sold your soul.

Tobias Whale in custody after decades of laying low? I smell a rat here. It was too easy, damnit. Something's fishy here. Bet Tobias set the whole thing up for some reason. Nefarious, no doubt.

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