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(Reviews) Supergirl 4x1;  Arrow 7x1; Constantine; The Flash 5x2; Black Lightning 2x2

Supergirl 4x1;  Arrow 7x1; Constantine; The Flash 5x2; Black Lightning 2x2

Some good stuff this week!

I liked the season premiere. I found the following interesting: Supergirl's positive attitude (even in the face of mounting evidence against it), Alex's new 'do, Brainy being Brainy, J'onn going all New Age, the sisters eating Chinese and talking, the newbie at CatCo, and Lillian's smile upon learning that Lena punked her. Now that's being a Luthor! :)

I also liked seeing the Prez (can't help but think of her as our Amazing Amazon) but she'll have to vacate the office if she can't prove she was born in the U.S. The Constitution is pretty firm about that.

Arrow 7x1

The whole episode was depressing. I'm not sure why people volunteer to go to prison when they're innocent (like Archie over in Riverdale, too). Maybe they want to go so they can prove their manhood or something. Yeesh.


I enjoyed the animated movie and the bits in-between. John is a character whom I suspect a little goes a long way, but if he doesn't dominate every Legends episode this season, I'm in! He's the only good guy I can buy smoking from, since it just seems to fit his character to a T.

Seems like we'll see more of the Sarah/Ava romance this season, and I'm all for that! :)

The Flash 5x2

I did enjoy the subplot of getting Cisco out of his romantic funk. Ralph would definitely be an expert! And poor Caitlin. Not hard to figure why she was putting off the investigation into her father's phony death certificate. Her mother is involved? Kind of Lillian Luthor vibes here.

I'm glad the Crisis reveal is out there now. No keeping secrets!

Joe is such a good father. Cecile is lucky to be co-parenting with him.

Cicada sounds like a creepo. Good stuff! :) 

Black Lightning 2x2

Ha, I had to laugh during the 'truth-telling' dinner. Finally, Lynn shows she's fed up with her bratty daughters! Jen's a brat and Anissa is heading for a fall. ly

Good subplot with the pod kids. Poor Human Golden Lasso!

Gee, if Tobias keeps killing all his contacts/sources, he's gonna have no one to keep getting him info.

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