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(Reviews): The Flash 5x1; Black Lightning 2x1

The Flash 5x1; Black Lightning 2x1

I'm not sure if more than a few people even read these reviews, but I'll keep them doing them. They're a good way for me to keep track of what's going on in these interconnected shows.

So, slam-bang action in both premieres! Why the CW chose only to premiere two of their five superhero shows, I don't know, but they were entertaining.

The Flash 5x1

Nora is cute, though what doesn't she get about not spilling the beans about the future? And now we have Barry keeping a big secret from Iris. Uh, oh. The 25 years matches the RL length of time that DC kept Barry dead. Despite the preponderance of Barry-bashing in DC fandom, I'm glad he's back.

Joe having a secret spot to nap in S.T.A.R. Labs is cute. :)

I figured Ralph would work on Caitlin's mystery. Detecting his his skill set!

Very exciting sequence saving the plane. Yeah!  And Gridlock met a grisly end.

So Nora is going to try and change the timeline big-time, eh? 

Black Lightning 2x1

Looks like Jefferson and Lynn are still at loggerheads about having powers but they're managing to wok it out.

Anissa is being headstrong,  as usual, but it was a great action sequence when she went into the drug house and fought off the bad guys to take the money.

Jennifer sparkles prettily but WHAT are they going to do with this girl?

Poor Jefferson! Another betrayal in Kara. But, omigosh, the stilletto scene! :)

Good scene between Jefferson and Bill Henderson. I hope Bill gets over his huff and becomes a stalwart ally.

When the Green Light kids break out of those pods, they have double culture shock: powers and the changes in society as decades have passed.

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