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Week 12: New England Patriots 31, Philadelphia Eagles 28 (11-0) (November 25, 2007)

Week 12: New England Patriots 31, Philadelphia Eagles 28 (11-0) (November 25, 2007)

Whew! The Pats pulled this one out! After so many blow-outs it’s hard to get used to the ol’ nail-biters again! :)

The Eagles were aggressive and the Pats were knocked off their game for awhile, but the offense still did its job. The defense struggled more but made big plays when they had to. The first throw by Philly QB A.J. Feeley was picked off by cornerback Asante Samuel, and Asante interecepted a pass by him late in the fourth quarter to seal the deal for the Pats.

Tom took a bone-crushing hit in the first quarter but the guy’s tough. He always bounces back up and had complete control of the offense. He also looked cute in his Patriots’ cap when sitting on the sidelines. ;)

Would I have been surprised if they had lost this game? No. There’s a reason that only one team has gone undefeated in a season (and that was 14 games in 1972 as opposed to the 16 played now)…it’s damned hard to do! So it wouldn’t surprise me though it would disappoint me. Anyway, what good is an undefeated season if you don’t win the ultimate prize? The media likes to puff these things up, but the Patriots are focused on getting to the Super Bowl and winning it. If they get an undefeated season out of it, that’d be great, but a fourth Lombardi Trophy is what they (and we) ultimately want.

The bottom line last night was: the Patriots won again! They’re still undefeated! And it’s been a heckuva ride! :)
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