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Fic: Marsh Monster (8/13)

Title: Marsh Monster (8/13)
Author: BradyGirl_12
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Nancy Adams, Clark/Lex, Joe Sawyer, Paul Munoz
Continuity: Smallville
Genres: Drama, Holiday, Horror, Mystery, Suspense
Rating (this chapter): G
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
General Summary: Something wicked lives in McCready’s Marsh.
Chapter Summary: Clues drop that puzzle more than illuminate.
Date Of Completion: January 23, 2018
Date Of Posting: October 26, 2018
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC and Warner Brothers do, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 967
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
All chapters can be found here.



What stalks the night?
Imaginings run wild,
Or monsters
From the deep?

Cyrus McKellan
“Whispers In The Woods”
1990 C.E.

Nancy Adams stared down at the footprints. Her powerful flashlight illuminated the deep impressions in the soft ground. They looked as if they had been made from enormous boots. She rose from a crouch and looked hard at Clark and Lex.

“What were you two doing out here?”

“Looking for clues to the disappearances,” Clark said.

Adams barely restrained her exasperation. “Why are you always mixed up in these things?”

Clark shrugged sheepishly. “Just lucky, I guess?”

Adams huffed and looked toward her deputy. “Sawyer, you and Munoz take a look around and then take care of these.”

“Right, Sheriff.”

The thin deputy moved off into the woods with Munoz as Adams studied the water. She shone the flashlight onto the pond and nothing unusual appeared in the murky water. She sighed and lowered the bulky flashlight.

“So you heard a howl?”

“Yes, it sounded…animalistic,” said Lex. Clark nodded in agreement.

“We’ll have to come out here in daylight,” the sheriff said.

Lex didn’t feel quite so on edge. He doubted whatever was hiding out in this marsh would attack with all of them present. Lone victims was the usual way of these things. At least, he hoped so.

“You boys better go on home.” Nancy Adam’s tone brooked no argument.

“On our way, Sheriff.” Lex plucked at Clark’s coat sleeve and the younger man reluctantly followed.

“Lex,” he breathed.

“It’s good advice, Clark. Nothing more will happen tonight.”

“You’re probably right,” Clark admitted grudgingly.

They reached Lex’s Porsche, both looking longingly at the hood. They got in and Lex drove Clark home. Just before he turned the car into the Kent driveway, he put it into park and grabbed Clark by his coat lapels and drew him into a kiss.

Clark tasted sweet, just what Lex needed. He regretted their earlier interrupted lovemaking, but at least he’d get a good night’s kiss.

The kiss was long and delicious, and when it ended, Clark looked at Lex with half-lidded eyes. Lex sighed.

“Stop that.”


“Looking so sexy.”

Clark’s smile was pure sex. This guy was a corn-fed farmboy? Innocent as the driven snow?

“Okay, time to get you home.” Lex sighed regretfully.

Clark just laughed and leaned back against the seat as Lex gunned the car up the driveway. He winked at Lex as he got out of the car as Lex idled the engine.

“Good night, Lex.”

“Good night, Clark.”

Lex watched as Clark stepped up to the porch. Great view. Those jeans were the perfect fit.

Once Clark was safe inside, Lex drove away, noting the warm glow of lamplight in the living room. The Kents were still up and would welcome their son home.

Lex drove down the lonely country road, careful that no one was walking down the edge, maybe a bit wobbly from too many corn squeezings.

A gust of wind rippled through the cornfields, the earless stalks undulating like oceanic waves. Clouds were moving in with the promise of rain. Lex laughed quietly. He was noting the weather like a farmer. What would his father say?

He frowned as he noticed several broken stalks, as if someone had barreled through the field. A big someone.

Lex parked the Porsche on the shoulder of the road, climbing out from behind the wheel. He noticed wet spots on the road, as if it just rained, but it had been dry for several days. He wrinkled his nose. What the hell?

“Why does it smell like the marsh?” he muttered. He peered into the semi-tunnel but the moon was behind a cloud, shrouding the space in darkness.

The smell was strong. The wind blew and Lex could have sworn he heard whispers. He shrugged. This time of year was especially windy. Also spooky.

Don’t let Clark know Halloween gives you the jitters.

Or maybe it was being alone on a deserted country road with some kind of meteor freak roaming around. He didn’t need to test the water at his feet. The murky smell gave him his answer.

His head jerked up. Was that a howl he had heard, far off in the distance? Suddenly Lex realized it might not be the wisest idea to hang around here, especially alone. He jumped into his car and sped off for home.

& & & & & &

Lex locked up the Porsche in the garage and entered the castle via the front door, looking over his shoulder. He muttered under his breath as he fumbled with the lock. The key turned and he quickly went inside and locked the door behind him. He frowned as he made his way carefully down the hall. No warm welcoming glow for him. He turned on the light at the bottom of the staircase and turned it off when he reached the top.

He got ready for bed, the wind rattling the windowpanes. He finished brushing his teeth and came into the bedroom, going over to the window to shut the blinds. He glanced down at the yard and froze.

Was that a shadow moving at the edge of the woods?

Lex strained his eyes to see. He wished there was a full moon tonight. He kept staring but couldn’t make out anything.

Throwing on a robe and slippers, he went down to the security room. The guard had the night off, a generosity he was now regretting. He wound back the tape and studied it.


Still unsettled, Lex turned off the monitor. He was letting the latest weirdness spook him. Time for a good night’s sleep.

He went upstairs, closed the blinds, and climbed into bed. Exhausted, he quickly fell asleep while down below, a copse of trees shook violently.

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