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Clark/Bruce (Superman/Batman) Slash Fiction Archive

This page will be for my collected links of Clark/Bruce (Superman/Batman) slash fiction.

Series with multiple characters/pairings will only list those concerning Clark/Bruce here. All other installments can be found at DC Comics Potpourri.

The Announcement Series:

Superman and Batman come out.

Announcement I: The Ready Room (12/21/06)

A press conference makes Batman nervous.

Announcement II: The Press Conference (12/23/06)

The Press Conference. Lois’ POV.

Announcement III: The Day After (3/10/07)

The day after the Press Conference.

Chapter One: The Daily Planet

Chapter Two: Wayne Enterprises

Chapter Three: Gotham University

Chapter Four: Atop The Braddock Building

Announcement IV: First Contact (7/12/07)

After the coming-out announcement, how will the public accept the World’s Finest face-to-face?

Chapter One: Metropolis

Chapter Two: Gotham

Chapter Three: Wayne Manor

Rain (A Drabble) (12/27/06)

Turmoil laced with rain.

Time And Place (12/30/06)

Down through the years, across time and space, Clark and Bruce’s love endures.

Chapter One: The Golden Age: New Year's Eve, 1940

Chapter Two: The Silver Age: New Year's Eve, 1962

Chapter Three: The Bronze Age: New Year's Eve, 1975

Chapter Four: The Modern Era: New Year's Eve, 1999

The Age Of Heroes (Possibly Clark/Bruce/Dick) (1/11/07)

What happens to heroes, like the Old Gods and Goddesses, when they begin to fade away?

Chapter One: Unbearable

Chapter Two: Fading Away...

Chapter Three: Lemon Tea And Raspberry Sugar Cookies

Chapter Four: Time's Tides

The Bright Laughter Series (Clark/Dick):

Bright Laughter I: A Mutual Friend (Clark/Dick, Past Bruce/Dick, Clark/Bruce) (1/15/07)

Dick finds happiness with an old friend.
Bright Laughter II: Dancing In The Clouds (Clark/Dick, Past Clark/Bruce, Bruce/Dick) (7/3/07)

Clark takes Dick flying on a beautiful sunny day.

Bright Laughter III: Still The World's Finest (Clark/Dick, Past Bruce/Dick, Clark/Bruce) (4/11/08)

The World’s Finest patrol Gotham until an injury occurs.

Chapter One: Joker-In-The-Box

Chapter Two: Pajama Party

Beautiful Diamond (1/30/07)

Batman must follow his heart to save Superman.

Chapter One: Fire

Chapter Two: Ice

The Morning Series

Mornings are special when you're in love. :)

Morning (I) At The Manor (2/13/07)

A lazy, languorous morning at the Manor.

Morning (II) At The Kent Farm (3/4/07)

Waking up bright and early on the Kent farm...

Morning (III) At The Fortress (1/31/12)

Clark and Bruce celebrate Valentine’s Day in the Fortress Of Solitude.

The Yellow Roses Series

Yellow roses mean romance. :)

Yellow Roses I: Champagne 'N' Chocolate

Roses, chocolate, strawberries, and the boys.

Yellow Roses II: (The Morning After) (2/27/07)

One way to use rose petals the morning after Valentine’s Day.

Heart of Darkness (A Drabble) (3/2/07)

The Batman surveys his city on a cold autumn night.

Rainbow's Freedom (Sanctuary Arc) (3/15/07)

In the 23rd century, Earth is a technologically-advanced society that practices slavery. The wealthy freeman Bruce Wayne acquires a highly-prized bedslave whom he learns to cherish...but can he ever truly love a slave? And will it all be moot as a weak abolitionist movement slowly gathers strength while the Galactic Empire remains in a perpetual state of Cold War?

Desperation (Rainbow's Freedom Vignette) (Sanctuary Arc) (11/9/12)

Bruce searches for a missing Clark.

Rainbow's Freedom (Shadow Of The Bat Arc) (8/5/07)

In the 23rd century, Earth is a technologically-advanced society that practices the ancient institution of slavery. The wealthy freeman Bruce Wayne acquires a highly-prized pleasure slave whom has fallen in love with him…but can the Prince of Gotham ever return that love? And will it all be moot as a weak abolitionist movement slowly gathers strength while the Galactic Empire remains in a perpetual state of Cold War?

Rainbow's Freedom (RobinSong Arc) (3/24/08)

In the 23rd century, Earth is a technologically-advanced society that practices the ancient institution of slavery. As Bruce and Clark try and adjust to being lovers as well as Master and slave, on a warm spring night a new member of the Wayne Household is added: a little boy whom Bruce sadly identifies with. Dick Grayson further pushes Bruce along the path of Abolitionism as the child brings further Light into the Manor.

Rainbow's Freedom (Paradise Arc) (1/14/09)

In the 23rd century, Earth is a technologically-advanced society that practices the ancient institution of slavery. As Bruce and Clark continue to juggle being lovers as well as Master and slave, Bruce continues his Abolitionist work, and a shocking Family Secret is revealed. Meanwhile, the Queen Family welcomes a new member, and Steve and Hal meet their Destinies, although neither one realizes it yet.

Rainbow's Freedom (The Dark Knight Of The Soul Arc) (8/16/09)

In the 23rd century, Earth is a technologically-advanced society that practices the ancient institution of slavery. A Great Trial crashes down upon the House Of Wayne. Can Bruce and Clark’s relationship survive? Will the Family’s strength be enough to see them through this time of Fear and Darkness?

Rainbow's Freedom (The Jewel In The Crown Arc) (1/2/10)

In the 23rd century, Earth is a technologically-advanced society that practices the ancient institution of slavery. The House Of Wayne travels off-world to the planet of Jovara on an important mission, and lovers Clark and Bruce learn more about their Master/slave dynamic through the eyes of this exotic culture. Meanwhile, Hal and Steve attempt to aid Diana and the Amazons to finally break free of their centuries-long enslavement on Paradise Island.

Rainbow's Freedom (Project K Arc) (9/24/10)

In the 23rd century, Earth is a technologically-advanced society that practices the ancient institution of slavery. New superheroes appear on the scene as the Abolitionist Movement gathers strength. Meanwhile, Lex gets his heart's desire while long-held secrets begin to spill out of the Manor. Nothing will ever be the same again.

Rainbow's Freedom (Rainbow Prisms Arc) (8/23/11)

In the 23rd century, Earth is a technologically-advanced society that practices the ancient institution of slavery. Clark finally learns about his identity and heritage. Will that knowledge tear him and Bruce apart? Meanwhile, Rebellion and Abolition twist and turn in the pageantry of events.

Rainbow's Freedom (Justice Arc) (3/5/12)

In the 23rd century, Earth is a technologically-advanced society that practices the ancient institution of slavery. Clark begins training under the Bat and secrets are uncovered as the Abolitionist Movement makes rapid progress with old and new methods. Can Freedom outrace rumors of War as the Galactic Empire rushes headlong to a new future?

Rain On The Roof (World's Finest Challenge #11: Showers) (4/30/07)

A very peaceful morning as Clark listens to rain on the roof with Bruce in his arms.

Forever And Always (5/5/07)

How does a near-immortal face the loneliness as the years pass?

The Silver Fire Series

Silver Fire I: A Taste Of Silver, Laced With Emerald (5/19/07)

The JLA battles an invading army on a distant planet.

Chapter One: Sullen Sky

Chapter Two: Caretaking

Chapter Three: White-Hot

Chapter Four: Mixed With Blood

Chapter Five: Sacrifices

Chapter Six: The Gift

Sun, Sea And Sand (Story Fragment) (6/3/07)

Clark and Bruce on the beach.

Sun, Sea And Sand

The Cape Makes The Man (6/10/07)

Bruce develops an obsession for a certain Kryptonian cape.

Chapter One: Scarlet Waterfall

Chapter Two: Silken Bonds

Chapter Three: More Cape Porn!

The Fortress Of (No Longer) Solitude (6/14/07)

Clark and Bruce together in a peaceful moment in the Fortress.

The Topsy-Turvy Series:

What if the whole world went topsy-turvy?

Topsy-Turvy I: Golden Daze (6/28/07)

Chapter One: Kissing Clark

Chapter Two: New And Improved

Chapter Three: Courting

Chapter Four: Justice And Popcorn

Chapter Five: Just A Nice Little Dinner

The Heartland Series: (Clark/Bruce, occasionally Dick/Roy, too)

Clark and Bruce's visits to Smallville (which may include Dick and Roy).

Heartland I: "Truth, Justice, And The..." (7/5/07)

Smallville celebrates the Fourth of July.

Heartland II: Apple Pie, Pumpkins, Popcorn, And The Bluebird Of Happiness (12/16/07)

After recently being outed by the press, Clark and Bruce visit Smallville with Dick.

Chapter One: Apple Pie

Chapter Two: Pumpkins

Chapter Three: The Bluebird Of Happiness

Chapter Four: Popcorn

Heartland III: Cashmere And Chocolate (1/19/08)

Bruce prefers ginger ale to champagne on this Valentine’s Day.

Heartland IV: Cows And Rabbits And Bears, Oh, My! (1/10/09)

The Kents take Bruce to a country fair. Bruce leaves the Gucci loafers at home.

Heartland V: Pie (4/11/09)

A quiet moment in the Kent kitchen. And pie. ;)

Heartland VI: "Trick-Or-Treat!" (10/24/09)

Clark and Bruce accompany an excited Dick as he goes trick-or-treating in Smallville.

Heartland VII: "It's A Great BIG Pumpkin, Bruce Wayne!" (11/9/10)

The Kents and Waynes attend Smallville’s Harvest Fair on Halloween.

Heartland VIII: Morning-Gold (10/15/11)

Bruce observes a sleeping (beauty) Clark in the first rays of morning’s sunlight.

Heartland IX: Roadside Assistance ;) (4/27/19)

On Christmas Eve, Bruce witnesses A Job For Superman! ;)

Heartland X: Planting The Seed ;) (5/5/19)

Bruce and Clark enjoy a warm spring day on the Kent Farm. ;)

Heartland XI: Bruce & Clark's Eggs-cellent Adventure!!! ;) (Jonathan/Martha, Clark/Bruce) (4/10/20)

A Kent family tradition now includes Bruce and Dick. :)

Heartland XII: Fireflies (Clark/Bruce) (7/23/20)

Clark and Bruce enjoy twilight time on the Kent front porch.

"It's Good To Have Friends" (8/13/07)

If storerooms could talk...

It Happened One Night (8/19/07)

Fresh-off-the-farm Clark discovers new experiences in the Big City.

Chapter One: All Through The Night

Chapter Two: Coming Attractions

Chapter Three: The Walls Of Jericho

Chapter Four: One Perfect Night

Chapter Five: It Happened Again Tonight

The New Frontier Series:

Well, it’s no secret that I absolutely love Darwyn Cooke’s The New Frontier! As I read it I got all sorts of ideas, and will collect them under the umbrella title, The New Frontier. Stories could range from slash to (gasp!) gen and het. :) I’d like to focus on many different characters within the framework of The New Frontier universe, or use it as a jumping-off point.

The New Frontier I: The Usual Place (9/12/07)

At the usual time and place, the World’s Finest meet.

Chapter One: Chasing Away The Shadows (Dick)

Chapter Two: Windswept (Bruce)

Chapter Three: Little Bird's Light, Absolute Delight (Clark)

The New Frontier II: Yankee Pot Roast (Clark, Bruce, Diana) (Gen) (6/10/10)

The Trinity meets for lunch.

Star-Strewn Black Silk (9/20/07)

Chapter One: Candlelight

Chapter Two: Goblet

The Jewel Pink (9/30/07)

After a little accident at the Fortress, Clark sees everything in a pink ‘n’ fluffy light.

The Strange Brew Series:

Zatanna, Salem (Massachusetts), and Halloween all make for a volatile mix! ;)

Strange Brew (In addition to Clark/Bruce, Dick/Roy and many others!) (10/18/07)

Zatanna hosts a Halloween Ball in order for the superhero and magickal communities to learn more about each other in a relaxed setting.

Chapter One: Witches' Brew

Chapter Two: You Are Invited...

Chapter Three: Marvelous, Magical Night

Chapter Four: Gods And Amazons

Chapter Five: By The Deep Blue Sea...

Chapter Six: Mists Of Desire

Chapter Seven: Cool Fire, Rainbow Desire

Chapter Eight: Morning's Mists

Chapter Nine: Quite The Show!

Strange Brew II: Pumpkin Muffins (Clark/Bruce) (10/29/09)

On the most magical night of the year, Clark is Destined to find his One True Love.

Strange Brew III: One True Love (Clark/Bruce) (10/11/10)

On the most magical night of the year, Clark is Destined to find his One True Love.

Strange Brew IV: Bare Essence (Zatanna, Sabrina)(9/20/11)

When Zatanna and Sabrina go shopping for Zatanna’s annual Halloween party, they discover something magically delightful. ;)

Shattered (11/8/07)

Bruce is uneasy as he returns home to the Manor while a storm approaches.

The Family Series (Clark/Bruce, Dick/Roy, Steve/Diana, and many others!)

The joining of Superhero families through love.

Family I: Thanksgiving (Clark/Bruce, Dick/Roy, Steve/Diana, and many others!) (11/16/07)

Bruce and Clark preside over Thanksgiving dinner at Wayne Manor.

Family II: Christmas Eve (Clark/Bruce, Dick/Roy, Steve/Diana, and many others!) (12/23/07)

The Kents host the superhero families at the farm.

Chapter One: Warm Gingerbread And Hot Mulled Apple Cider

Chapter Two: Smorgasbord Of Love

Chapter Three: White Christmas

Family III: Competitive Cooking (or The Year That Alfred Saved Thanksgiving!!!) ;) (Clark/Bruce, Ollie/Dinah, Steve/Diana, Dick/Roy) (11/20/12)

When Bruce and Ollie decide on a cooking competition, woe unto the kitchen! ;)

Hot Breezes (11/21/07)

Bruce experiences all kinds of heat.

Spicy Peppers And Lush Tomatoes (12/3/07)

Clark cooks an Italian dinner for Bruce.

Beautiful Young Man (Clark/Bruce/Dick) (12/8/07)

The World’s Finest fit everything.

Chapter One: Yearnings

Chapter Two: Birthday Boy

Chapter Three: The Star Joins The Sun And The Moon

Chapter Four: Dash And Grace And Style

Tigress (12/10/07)

Lois is fiercely protective of her friend and partner Clark, as Bruce finds out one day.

Destiny (Seven Days And Seven Nights) (12/20/07)

In a cottage-by-the-sea, Clark awaits his Destiny.

Destiny (Seven Days And Seven Nights) (Part 1)

Destiny (Seven Days And Seven Nights) (Part 2)

The Joy Of Language (12/29/07)

A sharp-eyed reporter is a linguist...of an interesting type!

Reel 1961: From The World's Finest Collection (12/30/07)

An old film reel chronicles the public and private lives of the Kent-Wayne family.

"Until The Yellow Sun Blesses You Again..." (1/9/08)

On an alien world, Clark and Bruce suffer serious injuries far from help.

Dark Chocolate With Lemon Filling (1/15/08)

Clark enjoys dark chocolate and lemony goodness.

Morning-Gold At The Watchtower (Clark/Bruce, Steve/Diana) (2/15/08)

On a routine Monitor Duty shift at the Watchtower, Diana finds that it takes a surprising turn.

Chapter One: Primed

Chapter Two: Pleasured

The End Of All Things (Steve/Diana, Clark/Bruce, Dick/Roy, Ollie/Dinah, Linda/Barbara) (2/26/08)

Can a new world arise from the ashes of the old?

Chapter One: Destiny

Chapter Two: Stone Angels

Chapter Three: Triangle

Chapter Four: Paradise Lost

Chapter Five: Ribbons Of Sunlight

Chapter Six: Rain-Streaked

Chapter Seven: Diamond Sunlight (With A Touch Of Rainbow)

Chapter Eight: The Final Battle

Chapter Nine: Goodbyes

Chapter Ten: Long Live The Queen!

Furnace (3/4/08)

On an Arctic night in Metropolis, Bruce awaits his Kryptonian.

Chill (Clark/Bruce) (Past implied Clex) (3/21/08)

Lionel's chickens come home to roost.

Chapter One: "Hell's Vengeance"

Chapter Two: "Destroyed Be Forever"

Tea And Gingerbread (5/1/08)

Clark immerses his senses in springtime as he spends time with Bruce.

The Better Angels (5/11/08)

Two Angels are sent on a Quest to find Pure Souls.

Chapter One: The Quest Begins

Chapter Two: City Of Darkness

Chapter Three: Across Time And Universes

Chapter Four: City Of Light

Chapter Five: Day Of Reckoning

Chapter Six: Heaven On Earth

Chapter Seven: Quest's End

The By-The-Sea Series:

Stories of various DCU couples will appear under this title.

By-The-Sea I: Perfect Day (Clark/Bruce) (5/30/08)

Clark and Bruce enjoy a private getaway.

By-The-Sea II: Perfect Evening (Clark/Bruce) (7/25/08)

The perfect day turns into a perfect evening.

Chapter One: "Seafood Is Supposed To Be An Aphrodisiac, Right?"

Chapter Two: "I Guess It's True What They Say About Seafood

By-The-Sea V: A Day At The Beach (Steve/Diana, Clark/Bruce) (7/25/09)

Chapter One: Morning Light

Chapter Two: Day So Bright

Chapter Three: Starlit Night

By-The-Sea VI: Clambake (Dick/Roy, Clark/Bruce, Steve/Diana) (7/26/10)

Dick and Roy join Clark, Bruce, Steve, and Diana at the beach cottage for some relaxation.

By-The-Sea VIII: Early Morning Symphony (Clark/Bruce, mention of Steve/Diana and Dick/Roy) (6/20/11)

Clark loves the sounds of early morning by-the-sea.

By-The-Sea X: Pool Boy (Clark/Bruce, Dick/Roy) (6/24/11)

Clark questions Bruce's preference. ;)

By-The-Sea XI/Three Men And A Baby Bird II: American Family Values (Clark/Bruce/Lex) (7/1/11)

An unconventional family enjoys a day at the beach.

By-The-Sea XII: Mists (Clark/Bruce) (7/5/11)

Clark and Bruce are at the seaside on a foggy day.

By-The-Sea XVII: Fishy Business ;) (Steve/Diana, Clark/Bruce) (6/14/16)

The Trinity Plus One enjoys a day of deep-sea fishing off Cape Cod. :)

Heart's Desire (6/3/08)

When Prince Kal-El falls under a spell, can the Dark Knight save him?

Chapter One: Once Upon A Time

Chapter Two: Dawn's Gold

Chapter Three: The First Trial: Water

Chapter Four: The Second Trial: Air

Chapter Five: The Third Trial: Earth And Fire

Chapter Six: My True Love

Precious Jewels (Steve/Diana, Clark/Bruce) (6/3/08)

After a close call, Diana and Clark commiserate about the fragility of mortal lovers.

The Energizer Super-Bunny! (6/15/08)

A party at the Manor goes awry.

Vulnerable(Clark/Bruce/Dick) (6/21/08)

After Clark is injured by Kryptonite, Bruce and Dick take care of him.

Chapter One: Frantic

Chapter Two: A Different Kind Of Frantic

Distant Star (6/28/08)

Bruce is worried about a distracted Clark.

Who Do You Think You Are? (5/31/08) & (7/7/08)

The mysterious Socrates will test the mettle of the World’s Finest while Dick observes the possibility of a Clark/Bruce romance. This story takes place during the events of the Superman/Batman Annual #2 and begins after Clark has lost his powers during the first confrontation with Socrates. He has come to Bruce to ask for help in being trained as a human crimefighter.

Chapter One: Superman Is Sitting At My Breakfast Table

Chapter Two: Superman Is Sitting On My Living Room Couch Watching A Movie And Eating Popcorn

Chapter Three: Bat-Training 101

Chapter Four: Supernova Flames Out

Chapter Five: The Examined Life

Starlit Silver (7/7/08)

Clark and Bruce celebrate their first anniversary in the Fortress.

Grains Of Sand (Steve/Diana, Clark/Bruce, mention of Linda/Barbara) (7/20/08)

Immortality doesn't suit everyone.

The Body Sings (Steve/Diana, Clark/Bruce) (8/2/08)

Power and its attractions for mere mortals.

Chapter One: Love And Power

Chapter Two: Song Of The Amazon

Chapter Three: Song Of The Kryptonian

Chapter Four: Bonds

Chapter Five: Keystones

Strawberries 'N' Waffles (8/7/08)

A sparkling morning at the Manor includes a good breakfast and good company.

"When The Moon Hits Your Eye..." (8/12/08)

Can Five-Star French Restaurant meet Pizza Joint and make amore?

The Many And The Few (8/26/08)

Bruce and Clark reflect on smiles.

Starlit Knights (8/30/08)

The Dark Knight watches over Gotham while waiting for his Shining Light.

The All That Glitters Series

Clark and Bruce interact with their counterparts from another universe.

All That Glitters I: Brave New Universe (9/15/08)

Clark and Bruce meet their alternates in another universe.

Chapter One: Tea And Sandwiches

Chapter Two: Some Things Never Change

Chapter Three: Glittering Cities

Chapter Four: Body Language

The BBC (Clark/?) (9/26/08)

Lois is suspicious of Clark’s social calendar.

Autumn's Rainbow (9/28/08)

Bruce marvels at autumn glory and Clark in equal measure.

Gold Medal Performances (9/6/08) & (10/4/08)

The World’s Finest loves competition. Purely for competition’s sake, of course! ;)

The Mirror Of The Soul (10/23/08)

Bruce has never been one to easily accept the inevitable.

Rare And Precious (10/28/08)

Bruce finds something rare and precious in his favorite bookstore.

Sundae Afternoon (11/7/08)

Clark brings Bruce to an ice cream parlor in Smallville.

Lap Of Luxury (Clark/Bruce/Dick) (11/9/08)

Bruce treats Clark and Dick to a weekend at Gotham’s finest luxury hotel.

The Sporting Life Series: (Clark/Bruce/Selina)

Various stories with sports settings.

The Sporting Life I: How To Handle A Bat (11/22/08)

Bruce and Clark take Selina for her first visit to Fenway Park.

Jimmarazzi (12/4/08)

Jimmy needs a hot scoop, and discovers that Clark and Bruce are an item. Now he just needs a picture to break the story.

American Oddities (12/13/08)

The boys go on a road trip.

Traditional Debauchery (12/16/08)

At The Daily Planet’s office Christmas party, the grapevine is buzzing about Clark’s date!

The Theban Band (1/8/09)

Greek statuary never looked so good. ;)

Brand New Day (Steve/Diana, Ollie/Dinah, Dick/Roy, Clark/Bruce, Linda/Barbara) (1/22/09)

The Princess of Themyscira approves of America’s new direction as she attends Inauguration Day festivities.

Diamond Heart (3/11/09)

During a snowstorm, Bruce and Dick are directed by a mysterious figure to an icy castle in a northern kingdom. While Dick recovers from illness, they discover its King has been enchanted and doomed to live a literally icy existence unless someone can truly love him and break the spell.

Golden Light (4/19/09)

After Clark loses his powers permanently because of Gold Kryptonite, he learns to live a normal life with Bruce, but human lifespans are short.

Crystal-Blue Persuasion (Steve/Diana, Clark/Bruce) (4/28/09)

Clark and Bruce invite Diana and Steve to the Fortress Of Solitude for the weekend. First, a dinner party.

In Dawn's Early Light (5/16/09)

Dawn brings beauty of an unearthly kind.

"...And They Knew That It Was Good" (5/30/09)

The Dark needs the Light, but the reverse is true as well.

Laughter, Joy, And Love (Clark/Bruce, Steve/Diana, Ollie/Dinah, Hal/Steve) (6/2/09)

Diana and Steve’s relationship sparkles with laughter, and Clark enjoys observing them while thinking of his relationship with Bruce.

Unspoken (J'onn, Diana, Clark, Bruce) (Gen) (6/3/09)

Words are rarely needed among the Trinity.

Aura (6/3/09)

Bruce appreciates Clark’s energy.

Silken (6/9/09)

After a tiring, frustrating day, Bruce comes home to rose petals and Clark.

Quiet Strength (Clark/Dick) (6/13/09)

When a powerless Clark is hurt, it’s up to Dick to take care of him in a hostile wilderness.

"This Is A Job For...!" (6/25/09)

When Bruce is more cranky than usual, Clark is drafted to find out why.

Fireworks!!! (7/4/09)

On the Fourth of July, the World’s Finest appreciate the beauty of fireworks...and create some of their own.

Don't Beg For Me (7/10/09)

Bruce and Clark are trapped in a nightmare of pain.

Red Silk And Black Leather (7/17/09)

Bruce is avoiding Gotham and what awaits him there, so he visits Metropolis instead.

Chapter One: Red-Streaked Sunset

Chapter Two: Virgin Crimson

Catch A Falling Star (Glitter'd Rain) (9/4/09)

Falling stars, sparkles, and glitter.

The Couple On The Street (9/9/09)

An interested observer enjoys watching Clark and Bruce on a crisp autumn day in Metropolis.

From Different Worlds (9/17/09)

Clark and Bruce are from different worlds…will that destroy their relationship?

Eve Of Battle (Diana, Clark, Bruce) (Gen) (10/7/09)

On the eve of battle, Diana waits with her comrades-in-arms.

The Pretty Man (10/8/09)

Pain can be lessened by a smile or gentle touch.

Mixing Work And Pleasure (10/12/09)

Clark is bored during JLA monitor duty. Bruce remedies that.

Country Meets Country Club (11/5/09)

Clark recuperates on Cape Cod and meets an interesting member of the Hyannisport Country Club.

Candy-Colored Ribbons (12/3/09)

Even without memories, Bruce and Clark find each other.

The Prince And The Reporter Series:

In an AU where Clark has no powers and Bruce's parents lived, romance still sparks.

The Prince And The Reporter I: Gift, Unwrapped (12/15/09)

In a world where Bruce’s parents lived, he has carved out a accomplished life for himself and meets an equally-accomplished Clark for the first time.

Chapter One: Audience With The Prince

Chapter Two: Luncheon With The Prince

Chapter Three: Home To The Castle

The Phantom Sands Series:

Clark and Bruce are trapped in the Phantom Zone.

Phantom Sands I: Stinging (12/17/09)

Clark and Bruce must survive the harsh world of the Phantom Zone.

Phantom Sands II: Survival (2/12/10)

Clark and Bruce establish a daily routine, but the world of the Phantom Zone is still harsh and unforgiving.

The Princess And The Pilot VI: Destiny's Joy (Steve/Diana, Clark/Bruce) (12/30/09)

Diana and Steve attend a glittering New Year’s Eve ball, and meet some dear friends.

We Never Leave A Man Behind (1/21/10)

On an alien planet at war, the JLA suffers retreat…and an important casualty.

Chapter One: Retreat

Chapter Two: Like A Wraith In The Wind

Crowns 'N' Caviar (Clark/Bruce/Dick) (2/9/10)

Clark sups at the royal banquet, Gotham-style.

Spring Rain (3/23/10)

Clark and Bruce enjoy a quiet spring afternoon together.

"Kneel Before Kal-El!" (5/16/10)

Everything’s changed since the Kryptonian Conquest.

The Sword In The Stone (6/15/10)

Sir Lancelot is on a Quest to find the true King of England, and is captivated by a dazzling farmboy.

Chapter One: The Knight And The Farmboy

Chapter Two: Tales Be Told

Chapter Three: Excalibur Shining

The Naked Truth (7/1/10)

A diplomatic mission strips down to the bare essentials for the World’s Finest. :)

Faith (Clark & Bruce & Dick) (Gen) (7/8/10)

When Clark needs him, Dick is there.

The Show Must Go On! (7/11/10)

The play's the thing! :)

The Settings Series

This series will focus on the settings of the DC Universe, in different timelines and ‘verses, and sometimes with different pairings.

Settings I: The Kent Farm (Clark/Bruce) (8/7/10)

The Kent Farm has survived from the days of Bleeding Kansas to the day that history was changed forever and beyond.

Kryptonian's Best Friend (9/20/10)

Clark has to take care of Ace while Bruce is deep undercover.

Dawn-Kissed (10/6/10)

In the first rays of dawn, Clark decides to take a chance.

Starlight 'N' Roses (11/7/10)

Silver tears mingle with starlight ‘n’ roses.

Cupcakes (11/18/10)

Clark + Bruce + Giggles = Fun! :)

Waterfall (11/30/10)

After a tough night, Bruce receives love from Clark.

Well-Suited (12/7/10)

Clark needs a new suit. Bruce is the expert.

Bird's-Eye View (12/17/10)

Dick has been taught in the fine art of observation by Bruce, and he puts it to good use.

Power, Wrapped In Glittering Gold (12/18/10)

Bruce borrows Diana’s Golden Lasso for a little fun with Clark.

Festival Of Light (12/27/10)

Clark shares a Kryptonian holiday with Bruce.

The Three Men And A Baby Bird Series

Can three strong personalities like Clark, Lex, and Bruce make it work?

Three Men And A Baby Bird I: An Invitation (Bruce/Lex, Clark/Lex, Clark/Bruce, Clark/Bruce/Lex) (1/4/11)

Lex regrets past choices as he accepts an invitation to the Kent Farm.

By-The-Sea XI/Three Men And A Baby Bird II: American Family Values (Clark/Bruce/Lex) (7/1/11)

An unconventional family enjoys a day at the beach.

Work Of Art (Greek-Style) (Clark/Bruce, Linda/Barbara, Ivy/Harley) (1/8/11)

When Catwoman makes an unusual artistic discovery, she shares it with other superheroes…and a few villains. ;)

Like Water For Chocolate (2/12/11)

Bruce attends a Valentine Ball and needs Superman’s help.

Sparkling Wine, Sparkling Skin (4/17/11)

A night of drunken revelry brings a golden opportunity for slave Bruce.

The Shattered Soul Series

Lord Bruce brings home a badly-damaged slave and hopes to heal him in body and soul.

Shattered Soul I (4/19/11)

Bruce is compelled to help a shattered soul.

Shattered Soul II: Silent Screams (7/22/11)

Bruce, Dick and Alfred remember Clark's first days at the Manor.

Thorns 'N' Roses (5/5/11)

Devotion remains despite all obstacles.

"One Day I Slowly Floated Away..." (5/7/11)

Not even a Superman can break down some walls.

Floriography (6/2/11)

Clark has a secret admirer.

Emerald 'N' Orange (Clark/Bruce, Diana) (6/3/11)

When Clark falls in battle, Diana and Bruce protect him.

"Where's The Beef?" (6/6/11)

Clark shows Bruce a slice of average American life, heavy on the beef and with extra pickles.

The Monster Series

Bruce is offered the chance to become part of a Top Secret Government project: Kal-El of Krypton.

Monster I: Punishment (7/3/11)

Bruce takes on an unusual Government ‘Project’.

Cotton Candy (Clark/Dick) (9/7/11)

When you are Superman’s boyfriend, sometimes you wake up in the strangest places. ;)

Chicken Noodle Soup (Clark/Bruce/Dick) (9/25/11)

Dick and Clark are concerned about an injured Bruce.

Waves Upon The Shore (SUPERBAT BIG BANG) (11/18/11)

When Bruce is blinded, he and Clark must adjust to their new lives.

Chapters 1-10

Chapters 11-16

Chapters 17-24

The Cottage In The Woods (Clark/Lex, Bruce/Lex, Clark/Bruce, Clark/Bruce/Lex) (11/25/11)

When Prince Lex falls in love with a beautiful farmboy, trouble ensues.

Chapter One: Love's Price

Chapter Two: Haven

Chapter Three: Magic, Wild

Victorian Ladies, Elephants, Bulldogs And The 1939 World's Fair (12/2/11)

Clark is feeling sad and lonely at Christmas.

Chapter One: Pie

Chapter Two: "Every Ornament Tells A Story"

Chapter Three: Glow

Silver 'N' Gold (12/16/11)

In the Land of Silver ‘N’ Gold, there is warmth and love.

Bubbling Stew And You (Two)? (Clark/Bruce/Dick) (12/29/11)

A saucy Robin is injured while on patrol with Batman and Superman.

"Property Of..." (Clark/Lex, Clark/Bruce) (4/30/12)

Clark has to come clean about certain events when Bruce was out of town.

Pomp And Circumstance (6/2/12)

Dick’s family is there to see him graduate.

Sunlit Ribbons (Steve/Diana, Clark/Bruce) (6/3/12)

After a rough mission, four heroes greet the dawn.

Desperation (Rainbow's Freedom Vignette) (Sanctuary Arc) (11/9/12)

Bruce searches for a missing Clark.

"Ringin' In The New Year...!!!" ;) (12/27/12)

The World’s Finest ring in the New Year.

The Boys Of Sunshine (Clark/Dick) (1/4/13)

Roy’s insight into Clark and Dick on a bright, sunny day in Metropolis.

Sequins 'N' Feathers ;) (1/11/13)

Once upon a time, a broken Prince met his true love at the Ball.

Roast Beef, Roses And You (Steve/Diana, Clark/Bruce) (2/12/13)

When Diana has to cancel their Valentine plans, Steve comes up with a solution to fix things. Clark and Bruce also get the benefits of his fix-it. ;)

Fire And Ice (3/20/13)

Fire and Ice are like peanut butter and chocolate: a perfect match! ;)

Desperate Love (Clark/Bruce/Dick) (4/12/13)

Robin is desperate to rescue his two lovers after an attack.

Father's Day

Dick has a surprise for Bruce and Clark.

Cherry Blossoms (Steve/Diana, Clark/Bruce) (6/2/13)

The Trinity and Steve keep watch in the White House during a State Dinner.

The Red Sky At Morning Series

This series will be set in Nolanverse and gradually explain how Clark and Bruce got together, but first, outsiders are asking, “Are they or aren’t they?” The series follows canon but with my own changes, so while there will be canon, there will be departures from it as well.

Red Sky At Morning I: Painting 'N' Pie (Jonathan/Martha, Clark/Bruce) (8/5/13)

Martha finds Clark’s new boss at The Daily Planet to be an intriguing mystery.

Red Sky At Morning II: "Would You Like A Lemonade Doughnut With That Gray Silk Tie?" (9/3/13) (Clois, Clark/Bruce)

Lois is suspicious of new boss Bruce Wayne’s intentions toward Clark.

First & Everlasting Love (Clark/Bruce, Ollie/Chloe, Clark/Lex, Bruce/Lex) (10/25/13)

An exhausted Clark and Bruce vacation in Smallville, where Clark’s sudden obsession over memories of his first love, Lex, causes insecurities to rise in Bruce. Meanwhile, an old enemy is preparing the way for a re-appearance for a final confrontation with the World’s Finest.

Chapters 1-5

Chapters 6-9

Chapters 10-13

Chapters 14-17

The Lobster Carried A Blue Flower In His Claw (5/12/14)

Clark searches for answers off the coast of Maine during his odyssey.

Late-Night Snack Atop A Grinning Gargoyle ;) (6/2/14)

Batman is rescued from late-night hunger pangs by Superman. ;)

The Man In The Garden (9/3/14)

Constant rainy weather begins to affect the World’s Finest.

Chapter One: Rainy Days And Nights

Chapter Two: The Weight Of The World

Christmas Morning (12/27/14)

Christmas morning at the Manor with the Wayne-Kent family.

Au Naturel ;) (6/3/15)

Natural talent is to be admired. Bruce admires Clark’s natural talents. ;)

Riding The Stars!!! ;) (10/9/15)

It’s not just the Perseid meteor showers that puts on a show. ;)

My Pumpkin ;) (10/19/15)

Glory in the Season of the Pumpkin! ;)

Royalty (12/17/15)

Bruce learns a startling fact about Clark’s family.

Strategies (5/20/16)

Clark’s patience with Bruce frustrates Linda.

Tastes Like Sunshine :) (6/16/16)

Clark whips up the perfect lunch. :)

Frosty Heat (7/15/16)

During a Metropolis heat wave, Clark and Bruce turn it to their advantage in the bedroom.

Deadlines/Headlines (Lois, Clark/Bruce) (7/19/16)

Lois is tracking a hot story while keeping an eye on Clark as Bruce circles around her naïve partner.

Chapter One: Shark Brucie Circles Around Minnow Clark (And That's Not Just A Three-Hour Tour!!! ;) )

Chapter Two: Sleeping With The Fishes

Wisps (8/7/16)

Bruce visits Martha to confess what he had done to her son but receives a shock instead.

Happy Anniversary!!! :) (Clark/Bruce, Dick/Roy, Jonathan/Martha, Ollie/Dinah, Steve/Diana) (11/16/16)

Clark and Bruce celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. :)

The Watchtower Guardians Series

Stories about the support staff on board the JLA's Watchtower.

Watchtower Guardians II: Meatballs With Dill And A Touch Of Garlic (OC Narrator, Clark/Bruce, Ollie/Dinah, Steve/Diana) (1/13/17)

It’s time for the annual JLA Christmas party on the Watchtower.

God Of The Sun (Just A Little Scorched) ;)(6/3/17)

Clark and Bruce attend an Egyptian lecture at The Metropolis Museum Of Fine Arts.

"London Wheel Is Falling Down!!!" (6/3/17)

Bruce enjoys his tea and raspberry scones while Clark is off performing his ‘superheroics’.

Fortress Love ;) (4/15/18)

Crystalline Love. ;)

The Cook-Out Series

In DC’s animated ‘verse, cook-out shenanigans! ;)

Cook-Out I: Cutting The Mustard ;) (7/28/18)

Batman is impatient to eat at the JLA/TeenTitans cook-out, so Superman obliges. ;)

The Show :) (2/17/19)

Clark and Bruce watch The Show. :)

Duality (5/31/19)

During a late Gotham evening, Superman and Batman discuss dualities.

Sunshine And Shadow (3/20/20)

Sunshine and Shadow: Yin and Yang.

Reportorial Instinct (Lois, Clark/Bruce) (6/4/20)

During a vigil at Superman’s bedside, Lois’ reportorial instincts are still sharp.

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