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Meh, I think I'll go to bed now. Haven't written much tonight. Mostly read other people's stuff! :) Also checked out the football message boards (the line on Pats/Eagles is the biggest ever, I hear) and so will be snuggling under my quilt tomorrow night to watch.

I raked bags and bags of leaves today and will be doing the same tomorrow. I decorated the house for the holidays inside, and will probably decorate the outside on Monday. I have this ceramic tree that lights up (no blinking lights, heh heh) and I put that in the front window. Red bows decorate the lampposts and tiny bows decorate the spruce tree in the backyard.

The tree goes up next weekend and I have new ornaments this year, though plenty of the old ones will be going on the tree. Tradition! :)

It was a golden day today: leaves, light, weather. I worked off a lot of Thanksgiving calories by raking and bagging leaves. :)

My Muses have been white-hot for the past month or so and now have reached low ebb, at least for today. Luckily I started one of the three (yes, I'm crazy!) claims for the World's Finest Gift Exchange so I'm not feeling too stressed over getting that writing done. If I complete one fic per week, I'll have them ready to go in time. The only thing I worry about is that whomever made the claims will be disappointed. It's why I rarely join these kinds of things but decided to do so this year because the fandom is so nice! :) So apologies if the fics don't turn out as well as you the requesters expected!
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