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Fic Tally (June 2018)

Well, for the first time since I've been posting fic to LJ/DW, I didn't post any fanfic, whether a short piece or the chapter of a longer one. Yep, a first for me!

Reasons? Most of my available writing time was spent with editing my profic, and there was almost constant chaos going on in RL. The last two weeks have been particularly crazy, and I was lucky to get the last of this round's edits done.

I did manage to write fanfic, even though none was posting-ready. I have 17 in the To Be Posted queue, so I was writing something! :)

I've got romance, action/adventure, space opera, summer fun, humor, and Halloween, to name a few genres. :)

Gah! No Halloween icons. Damn, 15 sure limits you. >:(

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Tags: autumn, dreamwidth, fanfic, fic tally, halloween, holiday, lj, profic, rl, summer
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