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Fic: Strawberry Sunshine (1/1)

Title: Strawberry Sunshine (1/1)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters: Clark/Dick
Genre: Fluff
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Summary: Clark treats Dick.
Date Of Completion: November 23, 2007
Date Of Posting: November 23, 2007
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1632
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Note: Written for pervyficgirl’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Pervy! I know your birthday is a few hours away, but an early present can be fun! ;)

Dick laughed as the wind blew through his hair.  Clark smiled and tightened his hold as they flew over Metropolis, Dick’s yellow cape fluttering in the breeze.


“I never have to ask you to go flying, do I?”


“Nope, never!”


Clark grinned and made a lazy loop-de-loop, Dick ecstatic.  No one loved flying more than he did.


Something else we have in common.


“Thanks for helping me out with that smuggling case, Robin.”


Dick winked. “A little Bat-knowledge never hurts, eh?”


“No, it doesn’t.  I bow to your expertise in skulking in the shadows.”


Dick laughed. “That I can do.”


Clark flicked the yellow cape. “How you do so while wearing this brightness amazes me.”


“The brightness is within me.  What can I say?” Dick’s eyes sparkled and he gave Clark a quick kiss. 


Thrilled, Clark pulled Dick into an embrace, kissing him deeply as they spun around slowly.


When they broke apart, Dick rubbed his leg up and down Clark’s thigh. “Whoa, big fella, I think they can see us from the high-rises.”


“You mean it’d be scandalous for Robin and Superman to make out high up in the air?”


“Scandalous only in the daylight, love.”


Clark grinned and flew them up into a cloud.


“Ooh, you know how cloud mist makes me feel.”


“Don’t I.”


They kissed again, Dick wrapping his other leg around Clark.


“Love me,” Dick breathed, and Clark gently rubbed between his legs, feeling the heat and slowly pulling down the green panties.  Dick thrust into his hand, whimpering as Clark stroked him, the kiss of mist on their skin.


Clark kissed his lover’s throat, Dick throwing his head back as he continued moving his hips, stretched out and graceful like a dying swan, beauty held safely in Clark’s strong hands.  Dick came with a small cry, going limp but trusting Clark to keep him safe.


“Mmm,” Clark said, a smile in his voice, cleaning Dick and pulling the panties back up.


Dick was enjoying the sensation of being limp as Clark flew them out of the cloud.


“How about a treat?”


“You already gave me a treat.”


“Ice cream?”


Dick’s eyes flew open. “Oh, yeah!”


Clark grinned and flew them down toward the city.


& & & & & &


The ice cream parlor was quaintly old-fashioned, complete with a soda fountain, white-painted tables and chairs set around a room with turn-of-the-century stained-glass ads for Coke and other products from the era.  When Superman and Robin strolled in, the few customers were agape.  The gray-haired woman behind the counter merely smiled as her blue eyes twinkled.


“Hello, Superman.  Your usual?”


“Yes, thank you, Marge.”


“And what about you, young man?”


Dick smiled and said, “Strawberry sundae, please.  With French vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate ice cream, strawberry sauce, whipped cream, and nuts.”


Marge laughed. “So just two of the same, then?”


Dick looked with surprise at Clark, who nodded.  He guided Dick to a corner table, people still speechless at their respective tables except for one customer who merely glanced at the two heroes and went back to eating her ice cream. 


“Is she a regular?”


“Hmm?  Regular what?”


“Ha ha, Superman.” Dick was careful not to use Clark’s name here in public. “She doesn’t seem too surprised.”


Clark looked over at the woman. “Oh, yes, she’s a regular.”


“So you are, too?”




Dick laughed. “That’s so…right.” His eyes sparkled, glad that he had chosen not to use his white lenses after the case was over. “And the strawberry sundae?  You ordered the exact same one?”


“Yes, though sometimes I ask Marge to throw some cherries on top.”


Dick shook his head, his grin infectious. “Seems like we have yet one more thing in common.”


“Seems so.” Clark was very relaxed as he allowed his eyes to feast on his companion. “If I recall correctly, Batman enjoys chocolate fudge sundaes?”


“You’d be right.” He winked. “Dark chocolate.” Dick pulled napkins out of the dispenser and handed a few to Clark. “Despite what people might think, I was treated to ice cream several times during my childhood, sometimes in costume.”


“I know.” Clark arranged his cape around his chair. “Batman likes to keep up his fearsome image, but it was never like that for you, was it?”


Dick shook his head. “Never.  He could be very demanding, still is, but I know it’s because it’s so tough out there and our skills have to be sharp.”


“I know I said this before, Robin, but you belong in brightness.”


“Do I?” Dick almost looked coy as he unfolded his napkin. “I do know that I don’t mind performing for an audience.  Batman says I’m a show-off.”


“Does that bother you?”


Dick shook his head again and laughed.  He spoke in a low voice, “I’m a circus performer!  Of course I show off!” 


Relieved, Clark said, “So you’re comfortable in the shadows, then?”   


Marge arrived with their sundaes and Dick took a big bite. “Mmm.” He scooped up a spoonful of strawberries. “Delicious.” He looked at Clark and answered, “Very comfortable.”


Clark wondered if Dick preferred the daylight, though.  Was it out of loyalty to Bruce that he dwelled in the dark, or did he truly feel at home there?  But then, he had said so, and Clark had no reason to doubt Dick’s word.  He seemed able to handle both darkness and light, as serious and able to melt into the shadows like his mentor and as optimistic and full of sunshine as his lover.




“Yes?” Clark ate a scoop of ice cream, enjoying the flavor.


“What’s bothering you?”


Clark looked at his young lover and wasn’t surprised at his perceptiveness.  It had always been so, even when he was just a child.


“I…I wish sometimes that you could live here, that’s all.”


Understanding shone from Dick’s eyes and he brushed his foot against Clark’s leg in a casual motion to any observer, but fraught with reassurance for Clark.


“I know.  Sometimes I wish that, too.” At Clark’s startled look he smiled. “I told you, I can live in darkness or daylight.” He looked characteristically cheerful, his tunic strawberry-red, complemented by the green of the fruit’s stems and the yellow of sunshine.


“Ah.” Clark ate strawberry sauce and chopped nuts. “Do you think that someday you might…break away from Batman?”


“You mean in my career?” At Clark’s nod, Dick looked thoughtful. “Someday, maybe, though I really can’t imagine working without him.  Still, it might be an option.” He spooned a strawberry. “Maybe after I graduate college.”


Clark suddenly felt guilty.  Bruce was his best friend, and here he was trying to get the boy he’d raised away from him just because he was so besotted!  But he did love Dick with all his heart, and he would love to see him every day, not to mention every night.


“Robin, I…I’m sorry.  I know you’re committed to being at Batman’s side.”


“A part of me always will be, Superman.” Dick’s voice was soft. “Who knows?  Sometimes a bird must leave the nest, and Metropolis is a bright, shining city.”


Clark relaxed.  There was no use worrying about any of this right now.  Dick was Robin, and would remain so for the foreseeable future.  If he remained in Gotham for the rest of his career, so be it.  If he came here to stay with him in Metropolis, there would be unending joy.


“So,” Dick said casually, “this place reminds you of home, I take it.”


“Hmm?  Oh, you mean the soda fountain?” Clark nodded as he ate more ice cream. “Yes, there is a genuine old soda fountain in town.  It’s been there since 1859, and the direct descendants operate it even today.  It’s got updated stuff, of course, but the main section is still like it appeared in the heyday of soda fountains.  But then, you remember the place.”


“Ah, yes.  I remember it well.” Dick ate a strawberry. “You took me there years ago when I visited…town.”


Clark remembered the bright young boy who always loved to see new things.  Visiting Smallville had fascinated him.  It was so different from his own circus background and life at the Manor, yet was similar in many ways.


As if reading his mind, Dick said, “The town felt like home to me.  And so did your home.  I know Batman looked awkward at times, but you know he’s used to…” he lowered his voice again, “…the silver spoon, not the pewter fork.”


Clark laughed. “Nor certain chores, too, I’d guess.”


Dick grinned. “Nope.  But, you see, that’s another thing we have in common.” Dick licked his plastic spoon. “None of the silver variety for us.”


Clark watched him lick the spoon, take another bite of ice cream, purring in delight at the taste.  He hastily ate his own sundae.


He watched as the spoon held by the gloved hand dug into mounds of pliable ice cream, the red/pink sauce lush and rich as fat, fresh strawberries were surrounded by fluffy whipped cream and the full-bodied ice cream… 






“You okay?  You look a little flushed.”


Clark blushed, further reddening his face, and Dick’s eyes twinkled. 


“Um, just enjoying my treat.”


Dick nodded, scooping up the last of his ice cream and putting the spoon down with a satisfied sigh.


“That was delicious.  Thank you, Superman.”


“You’re very welcome, Robin.”


Superman paid for the sundaes and Marge said, “Come again, you two!  A little far from Gotham, aren’t you, son?”


“Yes, ma’am.”


“My Bert would love to meet you.”


“I think we can arrange that, Marge,” said Clark as he put his arm around Dick, who smiled in agreement.


Outside, Dick said, “Now it’s my turn to treat you.”


“Really?  What, you want pizza after that?”


“Not exactly.” Dick whispered, “I want you.”


Clark grinned as he grabbed Dick and flew them up, up, and away into the clouds…  










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