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(Review) Solo: A Star Wars Story

I went to see Solo: A Star Wars Story on Opening Day. This time the review won't take a year to be written and posted! :)

I give this movie a solid B+. I could be talked into giving it an A-, too. ;)

The story was entertaining but not spectacular. We did find out the answers to some questions, as in "How did Han and Chewie meet?" and "What was his life like on Corellia before we meet him in A New Hope?", and so on. Some people didn't like all the filling in of the blanks. I agree that sometimes mystery is best, but if I didn't like something, I just use my own headcanon.

Han starting out as a hardscrabble thief fits, and I could see him being somewhat optimistic to start with, with events in the criminal underworld gradually creating a cynic. And if this film was projected to be the first of many, or at least a trilogy (threatened now by what is being claimed as a flop box office), then I could see why he retains some of that good guy optimism at the end of this film. After all, there's about 10 years before that fateful meeting in a certain Mos Eisley cantina. Ten years can change a man. Does seeing Han originally as someone willing to help freedom fighters undercut his character growth in the Original Trilogy? Some believe that. I'm inclined to agree with them, though not completely. It could still work if we see this younger version of Han in more films growing more cynical.

Qi'ra was a good addition to the Star Wars universe. She's Han's partner-in-crime on Corellia and is left behind when Han escapes (captured by the Imperials and Han unable to help her). A lot of traumatizing experiences must have been hers to suffer in the three years since that capture and reunion with Han.

Lando was great to see, and the infamous card game in which Han wins the Millenium Falcon is a hoot. Lando's droid, L3-37, was played for laughs but he sure seemed emotionally attached.  Is she still part of the Falcon going forward?

The scenes poking fun at Lando's capes were some of the best in the film. :)

The group of thieves that Han and Chewie fall in with are interesting characters. A pity that they didn't survive this film.

Did I miss Harrison Ford as Han? Yeah, but he can't do a young version anymore. Alden Ehrenreich did fine.

I wouldn't call this film tops in the Star Wars pantheon, but I'll remember the plot a lot better than Batman vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice! :)

A pity that the film is considered a flop. It probably kept some viewers away. The movie itself is good but was the victim of its release date with so many heavy hitters surrounding it (Avengers 3: Infinity War I and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, to name a few), burn-out on blockbusters, too many Star Wars films released too close together, and backlash from Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. Also, no Harrison Ford!

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