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(Review) Supergirl 3x21

Supergirl 21

Supergirl 3x21

The Argo scenes were interesting, but the talk of the gazebo was pretty funny. Kryptonian feng shui is right, Mon-El! :) But there was definitely something creepy about everything. It was lurking below the surface, and Kara's instincts were right. I liked Mon-El's support.

Will the gun control issue split Lena and James? And as much as I hate guns, should the DEO really run around without lethal weapons, considering the threats they face?

"Miss Teschmacher!" Ha!

So Miss Teschmacher is now working for a Luthor. How apropos.

Someone in one of the reviews I read mentioned the lack of Clark in these episodes, even a mention about telling about this found remnant of Krypton with his aunt living on it, but I also heard that the WB doesn't want Superman back in the stories due to the movies. I could never figure out that reasoning. Do execs really think people will get confused? There are TV and movie Flashes now. Why can't we get the DC Trinity? Boy, did it irritate me that we never saw Batman or Wonder Woman on Smallville and still aren't getting them on the Arrowverse shows.

I really liked the scene between Kara and Alex as Kara explains why she's leaving. Poor Alex! Things aren't going so well for her these days.

Will we be getting a rekindled Kara/Mon-El romance?

Two more episodes left! 

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