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(Review) Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi

I had seen the movie on its Opening Day last year and never got around to the review, mainly because I was aggravated by something that still ticks me off.

The movie gets an A+ for cinematography. It was visually stunning, especially the scenes on Crait. The scarlet trail of salt (looking like blood) on pristine white was worth the A+ alone. A feast for the eyes!

Cato Bight, the casino scenes, showed a lush, elegant world with brightness and glitter. Of course, wherever the rich play, there's always the exploited workers making their idle indulgences possible. Darkness beneath the light.

I liked Mark Hamill getting a lot to do. I'm just not certain I like the way the charcter evolved. I get that people can change as the years pass, but the boy-turned-man who believed in hope and redemption became a bitter hermit? When Obi-Wan became a hermit on Tatooine, it was for the express purpose of keeping an eye on Luke as he grew up. This was far different.

Would Like ever consider killing Ben Solo in his sleep? He did, and if it meant sparing the Galaxy another Darth Vader, I could see that, but he hesitated and Ben (soon Ren) was enraged and started utilizing the Dark Side.

What really bothered me about this film? the lack of respect for what came before it. I get that you're introducing a new generation of characters, but it smacked of throwing the baby out with the bathwater to me.

The scene when Rey offers Luke his lightsaber encapsulated it for me when he tossed it over his shoulder like so much garbage. That was like a slap in the face to long-time fen. Sure, Star Wars can be pompous, but being so dismissive of the symbol of the Jedi aggravates me, just like the burning of the sacred Jedi texts. I understand that holy books can become confining, but for the historical value alone it was a sin to burn them.

Kylo Ren thinks he's Darth Vader? Ha, Emo Boy, we knew Darth Vader, and Ren, you're no Darth Vader.

So everything Star Wars fans loved before is just ripe for ridicule and immolation? The whole thing came across as ham-handed.

I did like seeing Luke and Leia in a scene together, and I guess Han's death was acknowledged with the dice, but why was Luke never shown grieving Han's death, unless Rey came upon him in the midst jof grieving? Could we have gotten a mention of Han's name between Luke and Leia?

Luke's final battle was impressive. I felt as if he regained some of his old optimism back despite the futility of the outcome. It was a good way to go out (far better than what Han was given for a swan song), but something was lacking.

My annoyance with the way the passing of the torch was handled causes me to give this film an overall C+, and that's because the visuals rated an A+.

So there you have my review. Only a year late! ;)

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Jun. 6th, 2018 11:53 am (UTC)
You know what I liked the best about this movie? Poe Dameron. Maybe because he not royalty so is expected to be given something without earning it. I've always wondered about that about the entire Star Wars credo. It's about a royal house and a senate that can't find its ass with both hands. Han was something of an outlier. It's only finally been in these last movies that ordinary people have had a big part in what's going on.

The Ren character does nothing for me. He decides to destroy everything because of what one man almost does? And how is it that he was able to talk all those other students into taking off with him? Sounds to me like there was something in the works beforehand.

Considering how badly most of the movies have done after the initial three, I'm beginning to wonder if even with those three the excitement was more because of them being so different from anything else we've ever seen? I liked the original movies, saw them more times than I can count, but, oddly, have never become fannish about them. Considering how things are going, I suppose that's a lucky thing!
Jun. 6th, 2018 09:58 pm (UTC)
Good ol' Poe! :)

Ren makes my blood curdle. He was dead to me as soon as he committed patricide. What a whiny little creep! Hard to believe he's Han and Leia's son.

The newness of it all could have definitely been a factor. By 1977 people were sick of anti-heroes and A New Hope was like a breath of fresh air.

I also think the viewing public is jaded now. Every single element of a movie is dissected these days because of the Internet, and it's getting tougher to raise the bar. I also think the dismissive attitude turned off a lot of long-time fans.
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