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(Reviews) Supergirl 3x20

Supergirl 3x20

Being reduced to 15 icons sure is a bummer! >:(

Supergirl 3x20

So the Argo City origin from the comics (mostly Silver/Bronze Ages) is in the show now, unless Selena the witchy Witch is conjuring this whole thing up. I was thinking how nice to resolve something Kryptonian without threats or deception, and, bam! the Selena reveal. *sigh*

Loved Mon-El being a sweetie helping out the kid, but if I'm his mom, I'm not sure I'd allow a stranger who claims to be from the future to attach something to my kid's arm and claim it's a cure, though it did look like it worked right away. Since when did Kryptonians become so instantly trusting, especially of Daxamites?

Not thrilled with Ruby becoming such a big part of Alex's life. Alex dumped Maggie to raise a kid like Ruby?

Previews for next week have Supergirl leaving Earth while the Worldkiller's still at large to rejoin Argo? Huh? Unless they think they've successfully stopped Reign.

And they're really pushing Lena to the Dark Side, aren't they? If she does kill Reign, does that make her break with Supergirl final? Or is finding out about Supergirl's secret identity the trigger? Either way, can't we have a Luthor who overcomes 'Destiny' and prove all the doubters wrong? Grrr!!!

Or does Alex wind up killing Reign and that puts an end to any adoption of Ruby?

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