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(Reviews) Supergirl 3x19; The Flash 4x23 

Supergirl 3x19; The Flash 4x23 

Supergirl 3x19

Kind of a meh episode, though I did enjoy Myr'nn's delight at playing foosball. :)

Looks like the show is heading toward a permanent Kara/Lena break as Lena told Supergirl off and said that she had friends that didn't lie to her.

Sorry, Lena, I know it'll hurt, but I have to back Supergirl here. A secret identity protects the hero's loved ones and allows some semblance of a normal life, which is especially important for superpowered Kryptonians to keep them grounded and in touch with humanity.

Reign getting out was a pretty scary moment. Loved when she was ranting, Lena effectively turned her off. :)

That was a very good scene between Jimmy and Lena as he told her what happened to him when he was seven. Sadly, tales like that are not uncommon in the African-American community.

Reign will bust out soon!

Mon-El and Kara in J'onn's spaceship car? Awesome! :)  

The Flash 4x23

Was the finale spectacular? No, but it kept my interest. :)

Poor Joe! He sure had a right to be angry at Marlize as his wife had to go through the delay of the baby's birth to save Barry. And what a cute baby she is! :)

Yay, Ralph's back! I'm very glad to see that. He was a true partner to Barry and his suggestion of doing things the Ralph Dibny way (not too much thought!) certainly worked.

The discovery of Good Clifford's body was pretty chilling.

No one sticks around to make sure things don't heat up again? Good thing Marlize had a failsafe on that chair!

Nice to see Wally.

I'm kind of glad that Harry didn't get his genius back. Sometimes the easy fix just isn't there, but he seems satisfied with it and is now going back to Earth-2 to repair his relationship with Jesse. I wonder what version of Harry we get next season?

A Star Wars quote? Really, Iris! Tsk, tsk!

Nora West? Okay, let's see where this heads next season!

She also says "This is a big mistake." What, the rewind of time we saw when Barry punched the satellite? Was he supposed to die? Oh, dear! A Nora version of Flashpoint!

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