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(Reviews) Timeless 2x9x10; Supergirl 3x18; The Flash 4x22; Arrow 6x23; Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 5x22

Timeless 2x9x10; Supergirl 3x18; The Flash 4x22; Arrow 6x23; Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 5x22

Loads of finales!

Timeless 2x9

Well, THAT was an ending!

Okay, to start: I liked seeing a bad-ass Harriet Tubman in the first episode. Her visions were interesting, too.

I enjoyed Rufus playing keep-away with the Civil War history book as the Rittenhouse sleeper agent was going nuts. Right into the fire! Yeah, Rufe!

The tension among much of the Team was realistic, though I do miss the days when everyone was working together and comfortable with each other.

Wyatt is suspicious of Jessica but can't bring himself to truly question her, and her true colors are revealed at the end when she kidnaps Jiya. Yikes! Is she being coerced, too?

Timeless 2x10

Jessica's a True Believer! Rittenhouse brainwashed her as a young girl and made her the perfect weapon against Wyatt.

A bit of a shock to see Emma just cut down Carol and Nicholas. So much for blood, eh? And Carol's greatest regret is that she didn't indoctrinate Lucy sooner into her creepy cult! Yeesh!

Jiya has changed after three years in 1888 Chinatown. Her vision was slightly altered to give us the sad shocker of Rufus dying. Damn. Though the ending is pretty amazing. Looks like you can travel back to time in which you inhabit (foreshadowed by Lucy giving Flynn her journal five years in the future) and also flat-out confront your past selves. Let's hope this show is renewed. Otherwise, what a cliffhanger never resolved!

Supergirl 3x18

Is this the death knell for Kara and Lena's friendship?

Okay, I refuse to blame either Kara or Lena completely for this tension. BOTH are at fault. One of the most irritating things about Smallville fandom back in the day was the tendency of fans to blame either Clark or Lex for the Rift, depending on the fan's fave. They were BOTH at fault for that break-up and the reasons were complex, not simple.

Why is that people can't see nuances anymore? Everything must be black or white, devoid of shading or gray areas. Someone has to be completely at fault. Argh!!!

As for this episode, I blame Kara for her attitude of "Kryptonite must be destroyed!" when it's obvious that it's needed in case she or Clark are mind-controlled or otherwise go rogue, and there are other Kryptonians, too, many of whom are the invading kind. Lena was dead-on when she pointed out that Humans can be killed by an infinite number of things but still keep going on. Of course, Kara is accustomed to invulnerability, so Green K is particularly threatening, and the description of Kryptonite poisoning sounds very, very painful. Lena's a smart girl. Can't she figure out just why Kara is being unreasonable about this? And if you want a God complex, look to your own family. If Lionel, Lex, or Lillian had superpowers, they wouldn't be helping people, they'd be trying to rule them.

Lena was right about a lot of things but still manufactured Kryptonite on the sly. James thinking that Kara would be grateful for this is pretty puzzling, considering that Clark is just as adamant about not wanting Kryptonite around, despite in the comics giving Green K to Batman just in case stuff happens.

Supergirl asking James to spy on Lena was wrong, but Lena considers Supergirl untrustworthy? The Maid of Might has a blind spot about this issue. Again, Lena should be able to figure that out. After all the support Supergirl has given her when no one else would, she considers Supergirl suddenly untrustworthy? 

Great scene in the elevator, though. And Lena could be manipulating Kara if she knows her secret, but I'm betting she doesn't. Oh, and now Kara knows that James lied to her about checking out the vault. 

Guess you've go to have dumb characters to move the plot along. Jeez, Ruby!

For those Mon-El haters out there, since when does romantic feelings have to be on a specific timetable? The guy left with things unresolved, not due to his fault, married a woman in what sounded like an arrangement that didn't include romance, never thought he'd see Kara again, and can't help unresolved feelings still lingering. Imra is smart. Does she really want to spend the rest of her life wondering if Mon-El would prefer Kara? Get it straightened out and then we'll talk, hubby.

*cries at every scene with J'onn and Myr'nn*

Reign won't be contained.

Brainy, you're kind of a jerk. 31st-century dirt, indeed!

Let's see if the old, tiresome A-Luthor-Will-Turn-Villainous plays out. Been there, done that!    

The Flash 4x22

"What do we do now?"

Oh, I don't know, get stupid?

Seriously, why haven't Team Flash alerted any other heroes? The Arrow and Black Lightning teams are going to be affected by the Enlightenment, too. Supergirl could come and help now that Reign is temporarily disabled (she'll be back).

Does Marlize have a brain shield? Because otherwise she'll be affected, too. Like Amunet, that's pretty good motivation to stop DeVoe.

Barry is still reeling from Ralph's death. Cisco has some issues, too, and Caitlin discovers that Killer Frost has always been with her!

And, that scene when DeVoe sadistically kills the A.R.G.U.S. agents? If Ralph had been allowed to kill DeVoe, those people would have been alive. Thanks, Barry!

Nice cameo from John Diggle.

Cecile's 'stretching' was pretty amusing. :) A good, light note on a very dark episode.

Arrow 6x23

Oh, Quentin, I KNEW Laurel would be the death of you!

I'm going to miss him. I always liked him. In the beginning he didn't look kindly upon Ollie, but why should he? Ollie was cheating on his eldest daughter with his youngest daughter. Sara supposedly died when the Queen's Gambit went down, though she did survive. Still, Quentin lost her again (and got her back again) but lost Laurel for good. He struggled with grief and alcoholism and ended up with a strange but kind-of endearing relationship with Laurel's doppelganger. He couldn't lose Laurel again. As Ollie said, he was a great father.

I also liked his character development and how he plausibly ended up as Ollie's staunch friend and supporter. Their scenes in this finale were easily the best of the bunch.

Looks like Ollie was on the Handshake Tour. :)

I thought Rene was going to buy the farm.

So would Agent Watson and the FBI have let Diaz run Star City if Ollie hadn't struck that deal? And what's so bad about him, anyway?

The CW seems enamored of their lead heroes going to prison. *eyeroll* And now Felicity and William, not to mention the rest of the team, are pretty much exposed with Ollie's identity reveal. The few people in town who didn't know his identity now do.

Black Siren got carried away and her actions LET DIAZ GET AWAY! I just hope she nails this loser.

I liked the double Canary Cries as Dinah and Laurel battled to get Quentin to a hospital.

Y'know, John, maybe you should've taken the Green Arrow suit.

Can Roy come back home?

Curtis doesn't rate a handshake?

Argh, still am upset over Quentin. I admit I cried when the bad news came. I suspected as much but it was still hard to hear.

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 5x22

So now that this show is renewed but only for 13 episodes and won't air until Summer 2019, now what?

So Fitz is gone, but not really. Phil goes to Tahiti with May, and Mack is now Director. Huh. Is Deke gone, too? Or enjoying the sunshine and freedom? And is Phil really going to die? Something I read makes me think he'll be back, even as just a clone or LMD.

Poor Yo-Yo. She was just trying to save the world and NO ONE WOULD LISTEN!

Big build-up for Talbot, and then he was defeated so quickly. I really miss Phil's comedy partner. *sigh*

This should have been the series finale. Hollywood never knows when to end something.

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