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Leaves, Leaves, Leaves!

The back and front yards have been looking gorgeous the past few weeks. The ash, locus, and sassafras trees have dropped their leaves (yellow, green, and yellow-red-orange) but now the sugar maples are in full glory. They are a brilliant lemon-yellow and covering both yards. I raked up several bags after the first wave and now will have to get busy on the second wave. :)

The other maples are a fiery burnt-orange, and the burning bushes are starting to turn red with undersides of pink. The cherry tree dropped its golden leaves long ago, but is standing stark and strong against the azure sky.

The pine trees dropped their needles, and the spruce tree is sturdy and towering about a dozen feet up, ready to be decorated for Christmas/Yule. The holly, English boxwood, and arborvitae are doing well.

And now white can be added to the list of colors. We had our first significant snowfall yesterday, about an inch. Very pretty!

When I woke up yesterday, I knew we were in for snow. After you’ve lived in a place your whole life, you feel it in your bones: snow’s coming! :) I didn’t need a weather forecast to tell me. I just had to step outside and felt it. A couple of hours later, snow began to fall.

Thanksgiving's tomorrow and the weather should be good. If you're looking for Thanksgiving fic and haven't read it, check out Family I: Thanksgiving by yours truly! :)
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