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(Reviews) Timeless 2x8; Supergirl 3x17; The Flash 4x21; Arrow 6x22; Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 5x21

Timeless 2x8; Supergirl 3x17; The Flash 4x21; Arrow 6x22; Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 5x21

Timeless 2x8

Liked this backstory about Agent Christopher. 'Cagney and Lacey' as a lesbian couple? Ha, Lucy and Jiya make a cute couple.

Good intercutting of the scenes between Past and Future Denise and her families. That was pretty dramatic.

So, Rittenhouse sleeper agents aren't all True Believers. Coercion is the name of the game for some of them.

And for Jessica? Did Rittenhouse give her the family the money to pay for her brother's cutting-edge medical treatments? And must she play the pregnancy card? Fishy, fishy, fishy!

Great fight scene in the elevator a la Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier.

Another little twist was the mission not centering around the assassination attempt but focusing on Christopher, whom Rittenhouse knows is vital to the Time Team.

Wow, next week's two-hour finale looks extremely interesting! Let's hope it's on;y a season finale and not the series' swan song. 

Supergirl 3x17

Kara, dearest, I fully support your right to keep a secret identity. I was always annoyed by Smallville fans who thought Clark was a big ol' meanie for not telling Lex his secret. Seems like Lena is wiser than her brother, because as she says, Sam's secret was not hers to tell.

Having said that, I can't help but feel Kara was being self-righteous and hypocritical about badgering Lena about keeping secrets. Frankly, I cheered when she asked Supergirl, "What's your real name?" and Supergirl couldn't answer. Everyone has secrets, and Sam was Lena's, who didn't feel it was her place to tell anyone about Sam because Reign was Sam's secret.

OTOH, I can understand Kara's reaction to discovering that Lena had Kryptonite. Now, Bruce Wayne keeps Green K on hand, but Clark is the one who gave it to him, knowing that he'd be capable of stopping him if Clark was mind-controlled or went dark for some reason. So it's a little different with Lena keeping Kryponite on the sly, and now we discover that she didn't have Lex's Green K at all. She made it!

But, again, OTOH, shouldn't somebody have some Kryptonite stashed away, considering that Clark and Kara are goody two-shoes but other Kryptonians definitely are not? And there's always that pesky mind-control thing.

The seeds of a future Rift are being sown, with Lena finding out from Jimmy that Supergirl asked him to snoop around Lena's vault (ahem), and the secrets are piling up as she confesses to making her own Kryptonite. A pity that they couldn't have Lena and Kara break the Kent/Luthor destructive cycle. I'd prefer that, actually.

Nice bit was Winn giving Alex a new suit and weaponry. Just a little weird to do right at that rushed moment.

Was anyone else annoyed by Julia/Purity? Kind of a sniveler.

And this ep could take the prize for shrieking and screaming. Yeesh!

I figured Reign had absorbed her sisters' powers. Trouble ahead! 

The Flash 4x21

Hmm, Amunet as a villain? Pretty interesting. And she's smart enough to realize that if she doesn't help, she will end up just like everyone else in the lower I.Q. department. I do like her relationship with Caitlin. Placebo it is! :)

After all the DeVoe onscreen time last week, they got a vacation this week, ha, ha.

Iris, I'm not sure your idea is the greatest. Sure, it's working out because the writers make it so, but do you really think people faced with a retrograde in their intelligence aren't going to panic at least a little? Oh, well, maybe the citizens of Central City just consider it Tuesday.

Harry and the various councils can be amusing. I do hope they reverse Harry's problem, however. I like  him as a genius. :)

Arrow 6x22

Yeah, the nice domestic scenes at the beginning of this ep were bound to be riddled with bullets.

Wow, they almost fridged the gay guy (Nick). Poor Curtis doesn't have much romantic luck, does he?

Nice to see the team working together again. And talk about teamwork! Go, John and Lyla!

Yikes, Felicity picks the most awkward times to bring up her problems. Lyla must've thought it odd.

The Quadrant was supposed to be a Big Bad yet Diaz easily murdered two of its ruling council and cowed the one left. Not B nor B.

Anatoly doesn't see much of a future with Diaz. Glad he's seen the light.

I hope Black Siren nails Diaz next week.

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 5x21

Lots of action! Do these people ever eat or go to the bathroom? :)

So, the choice is save Coulson or save the world? Because it sounds as if Talbot is the Destroyer of Worlds, not Skye. If they don't stop him...

Anyone else fearing that Deke won't survive?

Poor Creel. I knew he was a goner the minute Talbot stepped into his hospital room.

I did like May and Phil talking about what Talbot used to be. Brain injury and torture did him in. Gravitonium finished the job.

I did like the kiss! Very appropriate in the middle of a fight. Loved Skye's expression. :)

So, next week is it really The End or just a cliffhanger for next season?

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