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(Reviews) Timeless 2x7; Supergirl 3x16; The Flash 4x20; Arrow 6x21; Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 5x20

Timeless 2x7; Supergirl 3x16; The Flash 4x20; Arrow 6x21; Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 5x20

Timeless 2x7

So Wyatt wants his cake and eat it, too.

Grace Humiston sure got religion quickly, but getting beaten by cops' batons will do that to you. Good speech! Her life and career is fascinating reading. Mrs. Sherlock Holmes, indeed!

Sad that Alice Paul won't be remembered by anyone but Lucy.

Do I buy Emma's story about an abusive father as the reason for her wanting women to get the vote (a first step toward equality). I think I do, but it wouldn't surprise me if it was all phony.

Nice little bit after the Team returns to the present and Connor asks Rufus why he's so beaten up. Rufus answers, "Cops" and Connor just nods.

Lucy was really rocking that 1919 hat!

So Jessica was in Rittenhouse files? That could mean she's a sleeper agent, but it seems too obvious. Maybe it was just their research on her before bringing her back. At any rate, should be interesting moving forward. How else to get rid of her and to let Lucy and Wyatt get back together than have her revealed as an agent?

Supergirl 3x16

Ah, the No-Kill Rule. Which is admirable for most circumstances but when billions' fate are in the balance? Nature isn't just about Life, it's about Death, too. Sometimes death is necessary.

I'm sure Supergirl will be proven right, but it's a tough choice. And Lena was too late with what she found. Sam is now Reign.

Appropriate that a doctor would end up as Pestilence and go after an HMO.

Great scene between an ill Winn and James.

Oh, no,  Alex! I wonder if Kara would still have stuck to her No-Kill Rule if it meant that her sister would die. Imra is fighting for her sister.

The Flash 4x20

Kind of a ho-hum episode. We do finally find out the Thinker's grand plan (which is kind of dumb) and how he met his future wife, but other than that and Cisco and Gypsy calling it quits, meh. Though Marlize giving hubby the brush-off in the chair she built and telling him that without her she was nothing was pretty good.

Seriously, folks? A baby shower with DeVoe's plan in its final stages?

Arrow 6x21

Big dramatics! I do like Christopher Chance getting in on the act, but did he heave to use Tommy Merlyn? Let the poor guy rest in peace.

Ha, knew there was skullduggery with the judge.

Laurel may still end up dead. Her Achilles heel is Quentin.

I wondered why she just didn't kill Diaz. Pity she didn't succeed.

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 5x20

Oh, Yo-Yo, it's not easy being a prophet. Everything Future Yo-Yo told you is coming to pass. Saving Coulson will deliver Skye into Kasius' hands.

It's a shame about Talbot. He always had a quip or two and he and Phil made a good comedy team. :) Unfortunately, his head injury plus torture/brainwashing has left him, shall we say, shaky? Yeesh!

I wonder if Deke is doomed to die in space after all? At least he got a taste of sunshine and fresh air.

When did Mack become such a self-righteous jerk?

I guess they'll wrap things up quickly if the series is cancelled. If not, could they show us the future unfolding until they're back in the future and the loop begins again? It's doubtful that what happens with Thanos will play out here as it'll contain major spoilers!

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