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Fic Tally (April 2018)

April was a very productive month, yay! :)

DC Comics stories were:

Purple And Yellow is a short ficlet with Lex contemplating the nature of flowers (and Clark) in the garden.

Pajama Talk ;) is a fluffy little Steve/Diana piece that concerns sartorial issues, ha, ha!

Fortress Love ;) is a fluffy little drabble that features the World’s Finest. :)

Marvel Comics stories were:

Lament (A Poetic Trilogy) I: Why? is a cry inspired by Avengers 3: Infinity War I.

Quick [profile] 12_stories Challenge update:

Stories posted this month: 0

Numbers so far since I started the table in 2011:

Mel/Johnny: 10 of 12

Total: 10 of 12

Total number of all fics in April: 4

Total number of all fics in 2018: 10

March Word Count: 1,018

Total 2018 Word Count: 5,355

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Tags: captain america/the winter soldier, clark kent/bruce wayne, clark kent/lex luthor, clex, fanfic, fic tally, fortress love ;), lament (a poetic trilogy), pajama talk ;), purple and yellow, steve rogers/bucky barnes, steve trevor/diana prince, steve trevor/wonder woman, superman/batman, superman/lex luthor, writing
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