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(Reviews) Timeless 2x4x5x6; Supergirl 3x15; The Flash 4x19; Arrow 6x20; Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 5x19

Timeless 2x4x5x6; Supergirl 3x15; The Flash 4x19; Arrow 6x20; Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 5x19

Timeless 2x4

Ah, Salem in 1692! Not a healthy place to be.

Nice twist with the mother of Benjamin Franklin as the additional victim. Ol' Ben is just too free-spirited for Rittenhouse!

Lucy's mother sure is a piece of work.

Keynes getting addicted to fast food?

I like the way they are letting us know about history's changes almost matter-of-factly when the time travelers return to the present. Jiya doesn't know the meaning of 'witch hunt' because the Salem Witch Trials became the Salem Witch Revolt.

Timeless 2x5

A different kind of episode with Rufus and Wyatt bringing JFK back to the present from 1934 after Flynn saves him from a Rittenhouse sleeper agent. An understandably confused 17-year-old escapes the bunker and tries to process all the technology of 2018 while afraid that his kidnappers are hot on his trail.   Charmer that he is, Jack falls in with a trio of college kids on their way to a party. The diversity surprises him but he's cool with it.

The Team realizes that if they don't get him back, there could be nuclear war in October 1962.

This episode presents JFK believably: not the confident man who became President but a shy, unsure teenager who is still uncertain of his path in life.  The charm and intelligence are there, and the courage, especially after we see him learn about 'the Kennedy Curse' and how his brothers and sister will die from violence, including him. I'm not sure if he read the details of how he was killed in Dallas, but he knows he will be shot and killed as President, and Rufus warns him to stay away from Dallas on November 22, 1963.

Throughout the episode we see Jessica realize that Wyatt and Lucy were an item, but Lucy tells her about all the risks Wyatt took to bring her back.  Wyatt and Lucy end things quietly but it still hurts. Flynn silently offers Lucy a beer and watches It Happened One Night with her in the bunker.

As for JFK? He was still assassinated, this time a year earlier and in Austin instead of Dallas.  Interesting how it was still Texas that got him.

Naturally, the JFK accent was WTF? but the actor had the smile down. :) Courage? Facing his future and knowing what befalls his family and still wanting to go back.  "Was I a good President?" "You were a great President," says Lucy.

Nixon replacing JFK on the Kennedy half-dollar? Was it temporary or permanent?

Lucy and Carol's knowledge of JFK's illnesses helped both sides track him down in the hospital, just a nice little demonstration of the power of the historian! :)

Timeless 2x6

Yay! Good to see Connor getting some of the spotlight. His enthusiasm for Robert Johnson's work was a delight to see, just as it's a credit to this show that they don't forget to show the first-time traveler react with awe at being back in the past. Lucy did it in the Pilot and even her mother was enthralled despite landing in the middle of the carnage of World War I.

The counterculture's roots being in the blues makes sense. From Robert Johnson to Elvis to the Beatles, it's inspiration at its finest.

Ha, knew Connor's "Yeah!" would be heard on the record back in the present. :)

So Wyatt froze with the kill shot on Carol? Lucky for her, but ultimately not so lucky for the good guys?

Rufus and his pep talk to Connor, who relayed it to Johnson, was a good bit. Ah, Connor bringing double cheeseburgers and fries to his American protege at M.I.T. That's the American appetite, all right! :)

Argh, Lucy, what are you doing? First you are boozing and now bring the bottle to Flynn's room? I guess when you're a small band stuck in a rusted-out bunker, you're not choosy.

Jiya's vision is pretty scary! Oh, Rufus!  

Supergirl 3x15

I really, really hate the suffering the writers are putting the J'onzz family through. Poor Myr'nn! A prisoner for 300 years and now a prison of a different making.

Wow, Kara, I know you have issues with Mon-El, but lacing into him years after the fact? I hope it made you feel better.

Lots of action!

I love Mon-el in his classic comics costume! He looks very yummy in it.

I did like the training scenes.

I hope Lena knows what she's doing.

The Flash 4x19

Wow, the more someone would tell me how to grieve, the more I would dig in my heels. Can't blame Barry for his stubbornness on this one.

Ha, DeVoe's losing it. Ignoring emotion will get him in the end.

Harry's losing his intelligence? That'll teach ya to stay away from dark matter!

Always love seeing Leonard Snart. Pity we can't see his wedding to the Ray. :)

Black Siren sure is a pain-in-the-you-know-what.

Arrow 6x20

Laurel's already breaking Quentin's heart. She does appear afraid of Diaz.

Hmm, will Anatoly turn on Diaz?

Rene's not so sure he wants to risk his life anymore and John is settling in nicely at A.R.G.U.S.

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 5x19

Squabble, squabble, squabble!

So Yo-Yo's getting frozen out by her colleagues? I still say she made the right decision. And May's advice to her was good. You had to do her job, but people will see her differently.

Lots of redshirts in this episode!

Poor Deke! It's understandable he'd freak out at being stuck in that bunker after sampling sunshine and fresh air.

Are Mack and Yo-Yo through?

Oh, no, Talbot!!!

Next week, looks like absolute power...

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