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(Review) Avengers 3: Infinity War I

Well, I saw it! What can I say?


Spoilers galore! You have been warned.

Seriously, folks, don't read beyond this if you want to avoid spoilers.

@ @ @ @ @ @

Okay, here we go. I give this film an A-. I probably would have given it a solid A but it was overwhelmingly grim. Oh, there were some lighthearted moments. Thor can't help himself and you've got the Guardians of the Galaxy, but, basically, pretty grim, folks.

A+ grades are reserved for the first Avengers film and Wonder Woman. :)

I expected that, as the run is coming to its end, but it was still tough to sit through at times. The epic scale was impressive, and the CGI didn't irritate me as it usually does. It seemed to fit this movie. Not everyone gets a lot of screen time as it's a Cast Of Thousands, but somehow the parts keep moving and the script is coherent, unlike some superhero movies in recent years.

Oh, and that Cast Of Thousands? It felt like half were killed off as we went along! More on this later.

Good parts: Tony and Stephen Strange irritating each other, the Wakandan battle scenes, and the very inspiring appearance of a revitalized Thor in a bright, shiny new costume with a new weapon, this time an ax.

As a Steve/Bucky fan, I loved their reunion, and as a Steve/Tony fan, we got nothin'. They were never on screen together or even spoke. But Tony was carrying around the phone Steve sent him! :)

Bruce and the Hulk had issues, sometimes amusing.

Vision and Wanda having some happiness was good to see, because you knew they were doomed, as Vision possessed one of the Infinity Gems that Thanos sought.

The little scene with Steve and Thor joking during battle was good and a little reminiscent of the battle scene in the first Avengers movie. These two have such tremendous respect for each other.

Thanos is a chilling, multifaceted villain with the firm belief that killing half the life in the universe will bring balance. Using the old Earth theory that the Black Death freed Europe from excess population and allowed the eventual blossoming of the Renaissance. Thanos truly believes in this cosmic balance and wants the Infinity Gems to give him the power to do just that. He pays a great price to achieve his goal.

Since Thanos' story has been told in the comics before, it was interesting to see how they told it in the Cinematic Universe. I liked seeing him at his farm at the end, quietly celebrating his victory. His obsession with death was not personified with Mistress Death as in the comics, Would have made great visuals!

The body count was high in this one. Loki fans will be pained by his murder by Thanos in the first ten minutes of the film, but he tried to kill Thanos and acknowledged he was an Odinson at the end. He also cavalierly told Thanos to "Kill away!" but couldn't stand Thor's pain and gave up the Tesseract.

Thor was really put through the wringer in this movie. Since Thanos first encountered the Asgardian refugee ship, they bore the brunt as victims do when they are the first to encounter a threat in the movies. Argh, Heimdall!

Best line of the movie: T'challa pointing to Steve and saying, "Get this man a shield." :)

Loved Natasha and Okoye fighting together.

Stephen Strange saved Tony and gave Thanos what he wanted, underscoring how many times people gave up the Gems rather than seeing a loved one tortured or killed. Thanos is willing to kill his own daughter to receive the soul stone, next-to-last Gem. Poor Gamora! She didn't realize that Thanos really loved her, and that sealed her fate as the soul stone demands the sacrifice of who the seeker loves most before giving itself over. Her look of dawning horror really sold it.

Peter Quill has to be the dumbest man in the universe. Oh, well, dummies are needed to move plots along and not defeat villains too quickly.

Oh, now for the half of the Cast Of Thousands being killed? There were many bodies left in Thanos' wake, then Thanos got the last Infinity Gem, bringing Vision back into existence to get it. That was pretty chilling as it showed how effortless it was for Thanos to oversee life and death.

The final deaths: Thanos snapped his fingers and it begins. Bucky was the first we see, and he knew something was wrong. He ran to Steve while calling his name, and before Steve could even touch him, he was gone. Heartbreaking. Steve/Bucky fans will get a lot of mileage from this movie, folks!

The effect was like autumn leaves blowing away. So many gone! Focusing on Steve again, he lost many friends, including Sam, who he's gotten very close to the past few years, but the bitter irony is that once again, he loses Bucky. The Universe has it in for those guys!

Of course the victims of that finger-snapping will most likely return in the sequel, but will Gamora? She'll leave a pretty big hole in any future Guardians Of The Galaxy movies. Will Loki and Heimdall return? Depends on any future Thor movies.

Hmm, Tony's stuck on another planet. How long will it take him to get back to Earth? Looks like his wedding to Pepper will have to be postponed.

No one stays dead in comics. Though watching emotional reactions can wear a viewer out!

So there you have it. A- because of the grand scope, a coherent story, and very good performances by a huge cast. Also the 'small moments' were good. Emotions were engaged.

Only one post-credit scene this time around, and it's a clever one.

Well, at least we don't have to wait 3 years for the sequel like Star Wars fans did after the ending of The Empire Strikes Back! back in the day.

I've already been inspired to write a trilogy of poems by this film. :)

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