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(Reviews) Timeless 2x3; Supergirl 3x14;The Flash 4x18; Black Lightning 1x13; Arrow 6x19; AOS 5x18

Timeless 2x3; Supergirl 3x14;The Flash 4x18; Black Lightning 1x13; Arrow 6x19; Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 5x18

Timeless 2x3

Ah, Hollywood in 1941! The zenith of the old studio glamour. We see the planting of a sleeper agent and 15 years later, he's ready to be activated as his father gives him the word from the future. Clever plot with the theft of Orson Welles' Citizen Kane carried out in order to get William Randolph Hearst to give Rittenhouse a syndicated newspaper column.  Back in the days of newspaper dominance, such a column was powerful. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt wrote a syndicated column, My Day.

I see Hedy Lamarr is the feminist icon this season as she was featured in Legends Of Tomorrow, too. Good! Her brains should be showcased as much as her beauty.

And Lucy and Wyatt finally getting together. Yes!

And so of course they bring back Jessica, Wyatt's long-dead wife. *sighs*

Supergirl 3x14

Poor Winn! His father dies and his long-lost mother reappears. His father sure was a piece of work.

Loved J'onn's father at karaoke night.  'Tomato pie'!  Love it!

Okay, who thought it was a good idea to give M'yrnn the Martian version of Alzheimer's? That stinks, people. Instead of heartwarming, lighthearted scenes with J'onn and his father, now we have the heartbreak of what's to come.  >:(

Flying monkeys? Ha! Steve Rogers would get that reference. ;)

The night out with the gang made me realize how much I missed this show on its interminable hiatus. I also liked the dinner with J'onn, M'yrnn, and Alex.  Alex really handled the situation very well.

The Flash 4x18

Great, Barry, DeVoe's alive and Ralph's dead. I suppose we can only hope that he's just dormant and if DeVoe can be driven out of his body, maybe we'll get him back.

That really angered me, to see Ralph taken over. He had DeVoe dead-to-rights and while I'm not crazy about heroes killing the bad guys, if the Joker was killed I wouldn't bat an eye, and same for DeVoe.

We also lost Killer Frost. This episode was just a bummer all around, wasn't it? The best thing was DeVoe and the Engineer invading STAR Labs (who doesn't?) and the ensuing craziness.

This show should stick to the lighthearted. Leave the gloom 'n' doom to Arrow. >:(

Black Lightning 1x13

Slam-bang action!

Oh, man, I was teary-eyed during the scene with the adult Jefferson and his father.

Proctor was going to make the Pierces' lives miserable so Gambi shot him. See, Barry, sometimes it's necessary! And not a single Pierce protested.

Guess Syanide never had a chance.

Excellent music choices, as usual.

Arrow 6x19

Okay, I know a lot of people liked this episode, but the over-the-top violence turned me off. I was sympathetic to a point with Diaz as constant bullying is a form of torture in my book, but burning your childhood tormentor alive? You lose my sympathy.

Laurel showed distaste for Diaz's excesses, especially the burning, but what;s her game here? Pure greed?  Lust for power? Deep undercover? Doubtful, but nothing surprises me.

And wearing a wig isn't going to disguise the fact that you have a sonic scream, Laurel.

An Ollie-less episode was quite refreshing despite all the sadism and blood.

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 5x18

Yo-Yo will be blamed for killing Ruby, but, seriously? The girl was unstable and had the power to destroy the world. I can't fault her for her actions. And there was probably a little payback there.

And is everyone forgetting Ruby was perfectly willing to mutilate Fitzsimmons?

Poor Talbot! For a man like him, being turned is the end. I like Phil appealing to him on a friendship basis.

Does the future still come true?

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