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(Reviews) Timeless 2x1x2; Legends 3x18; Flash 4x17; Black Lightning 1x12; Arrow 6x18; AOS 5x17

Timeless 2x1x2; Legends Of Tomorrow 3x18; The Flash 4x17; Black Lightning 1x12; Arrow 6x18; Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 5x17

I'll review Timeless as I catch up. :)

And Legends? LMAO!!!

Timeless 2x1

Yay to see Timeless back! And good to see World War I getting notice during its Centennial observance. It worked well in the Wonder Woman movie and the Legends Of Tomorrow.

Not hard to figure that Lucy was just playing along, though it was pretty shocking to see her murder that innocent soldier in order to maintain her Rittenhouse cover. Saying that Emma was going to do it anyway just doesn't cut it. 

I enjoyed seeing Marie Curie and her daughter. Admirable women!

So Nicholas Keynes wants to rid history of cultures that don't measure up. By whose standards?

Not too hard to guess that Carol will betray Rittenhouse to save Lucy somewhere down the line.

Timeless 2x2

My dad raced stock cars in the South during the '50s while stationed down there after his Korean War combat service, so this was an especially interesting episode to me. :)

Making what the Trio thought was a target of Rittenhouse turn into a sleeper agent was a good one.  The plot to kill the Detroit car execs was sound, as Detroit ruled the economy in the '50s and Rittenhouse getting their hands on the industry would give them tremendous power.

Wyatt's 'moonshiner' background was pretty funny, and he showed off his skills while getting away from the police.

A creepy scene with Keynes revealing his vision to his followers.

Legends Of Tomorrow 3x18

Beebo!!! This was the funniest demonic beatdown I'd ever seen! I was lmao the entire scene. Oh, what a perfect finale! :)

Poor Rip, but he could be back. Who dies in comics? Though his comment about wanting to see his wife and son again was very poignant. If this was his swan song, it was a good one.

Hmm, Amaya's gone but the actress is back as a regular? Should be interesting to see how they pull that off.

Loved seeing old friends turn up again: Jax (What a cute kid he has!), Helen of Themyscira (Yes!), Vixen and Jonah Hex.  And Ava being part of the group helping the Legends is a good choice.

Jax's line: "Man, have I missed you guys" when he saw Beebo was perfect.

Ah, so Constantine (and Gary) deliver the new task for next season. Constantine strikes me as a character with whom a little goes a long way, but if used correctly, he'll be a major asset for this show. 

The wig bit with Gary was funny.

The Flash 4x17

Ralph's jokiness got on Barry's nerves, eh? Well, the superhero community could use some jokesters! And of course they had to make Ralph's humor a defense against an abusive father. Does anyone have non-abusive parents anymore?

Whoopie cushion to the rescue! :)

Wow, DeVoe is a real creep-o of the first water.  His poor wife!  Chilling scene when she views the warning video she left herself. It does seem as if DeVoe is living through a time loop, too.

Black Lightning 1x12

Poor Khalil! 'Legs for loyalty' is right. He's eaten up by  rage and bitterness, but there were flashes of the old Khalil, which may be important for the future.

Jennifer saves her father! A good use for her powers.

Arrow 6x18

Wow, Ollie is out-Brucing Bruce this time! But I figured something was fishy when Ollie kept hearing that strange knocking in the Arrowcave (c'mon, that's what it is).

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 5x17

Poor Talbot! Tortured, broken, and now a sleeper agent. It goes against everything he stands for and this realization will kill him.

Ha, only on TV or in the movies does a mechanic perform major surgery with an assistant who's barely pre-med and save the patient.

So Fitzsimmons never plan to leave each other's side ever again? Talk about togetherness!

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