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(Rec) Timeless!

I must not hang out in the right places on-line because I completely missed the first four episodes of Timeless. Saw nothing about them starting up again, and the only ads I've seen are for this Sunday's episode about JFK. The premise is that Rufus and Wyatt bring a 17-year-old JFK back to the present after a mission goes awry. Of course that presents the problem of how do they prevent JFK from learning his horrific fate on November 22, 1963? I'm going to tune into NBC this Sunday at 10:00 EDT to find out!

Anyway, I've been catching up on the eps I missed and am enjoying them thoroughly. I'll probably review them in one post once I finish No. 4. I highly recommend this show!

Lately I've been writing short pieces, which is good as I wasn't writing much there for awhile. The problem now is that I don't have the energy to edit! :)

Oh, well, I've got 10 stories in the Queue, so there should be a steady stream of new fic to post.

I watched Scoobynatural, the first and only time I'll watch Supernatural, mainly because modern horror is always filled with gore, and, yep, they had to do bloody things up for the Scooby gang, too. *sighs* But the episode was clever and I enjoyed it.

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