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Legends Of Tomorrow 3x16; Black Lightning 1x10; Arrow 6x16; Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 5x15

Legends Of Tomorrow 3x16

Sweet Ava! I wonder if she's the original? I loved Sara's smile when Ava declared she's keeping the suit.

Zari and Mick: good friend chemistry.

Rough episode for Amaya. :(

Damien and Nate with the fake torture? Pretty funny scene. Will Daddy Damien be the wild card when Mollus has victory in his grasp to save his daughter?

Black Lightning 1x10

Creepy opening scene! Are those kids in suspended animation?

Very cool action scene with Black Lightning and Thunder.

Poor Gambi!

Yay, Jefferson saves him!

Ooh, so the Vice Principal is the spotter. Good twist.

Arrow 6x16

Wow, an episode of Arrow I thoroughly enjoyed!

Love seeing Nyssa again. She had the misfortune to be born the Daughter of the Demon, but she's made the best of it. She's a woman of honor and reliable in crunch time. She also enjoys the modern world. Remember, 'our' Laurel introduced her to hamburgers and fries. ;)

Through the whole story I was pleading, don'tkillroyoffdon'tkillroyoffdon'tkillroyoff. Whew! He lives to go off on adventures with Thea and Nyssa. I'd watch a show like that!

It looked as if Thea was headed for leaving Roy behind, but it worked out very well. :)

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 5x15

Interesting background on General Hale. Typical male blindness, too, as this bright talented woman is reduced to a womb.

Ha, Fitz creeped out over Deke as his grandson was pretty funny.

Yikes, now Jemma thinks she's invincible?

Poor Talbot didn't fare well in this episode.

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