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Wherefore DC?

If you aren't interested in the latest rumors flying around about the events of Final Crisis or don't want to be spoiled in case they're true, then avoid what's behind the cut.  :)

So, the latest rumors are that Bruce dies, becomes a New God in the fifth world, and Jason becomes the Batman.




I’m glad canon doesn’t influence my writing all that much.  Yikes!


Random thoughts: eventually they will bring Bruce back after several issues of tinkering as they did with Clark and his death.


Unless Dick chooses not to be the Batman, this is another slap in the face to him, as it was when Bruce chose Azrael after Bane broke his back.


Dick may not be the perfect Batman but as Bruce’s first sidekick, I believe he should have that choice to don the cowl or not.


I would say they would have to cancel Superman/Batman as a title, unless it’ll be Clark and Jason filling the roles.


If you polled the general public, how many people would say ‘Jason Todd’ was Batman, or was ever even a Robin?  They still think that Dick Grayson is Robin! 


Isn’t this messing with a cultural icon?


I know that comics have to do drastic things to pump up sales, but is this stupid or what?


TPTB seem intent on killing off a lot of icons: Cap over at Marvel, Batman here at DC.


The original plan, folks, was to kill off all the DC icons, make them New Gods, and let their sidekicks take over their hero personae.     


I really need to post my essay on how to survive Final Crisis!  J


I have no intention of suspending my S/B writing.  Why would I?  I love these characters more than the morons, er, head honchos at DC.  Besides, fanfic takes the texts and reinterprets them.  That’s what fanfic is all about! 


Lastly, it all could be a hoax (these are just rumors, after all) but nothing that DC does anymore surprises me.


Can we declare a corner of DCU fandom canon-free?  ;) 

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