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(Reviews) The Flash 4x15; Legends Of Tomorrow 3x12; Black Lightning 1x7; Arrow 6x15; AOS 5x12

The Flash 4x15; Legends Of Tomorrow 3x12; Black Lightning 1x7; Arrow 6x15; Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 5x12

The Flash 4x15

Saving the city from the Big Bang!

Nice moment between Jesse and Harrison.

Hey, Jay's got a successor!

Legends Of Tomorrow 3x13

Cold War Berlin 1962? Pretty hardcore.

Oh, yeah, I really chuckled at Dahrk talking to a guy he just killed. Casual murder is so funny!

Oh, no, what's up with Ava? Rip and his secrets!

Black Lightning 1x7

Wow, Gambi!

Lots of fall-out here!

Arrow 6x15

Black Siren is playing 'good' Laurel.

Poor Roy!

Thea and Roy forever!

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 5x12

Yay, Deke, for enjoying life and getting stuff done! :)

You know, I've been in fandom too long. Before the guy in the basement talked about everything being in Phil's head, I was thinking what if this Fear Rift had taken the team's fears and created that awful future and the Framework, etc.? And who knows? Maybe they've revealed the show's end and will twist us with, "Oh, sure, it's all real" but it's really not, though people aren't fond of dream sequences. Just ask Dallas fans after Pam dreamed a whole season, including Bobby being killed off!

It would be fitting if Phil died at the end of the show. He's been living on borrowed time. Sometimes life is just...done.

Deke again. This is awkward, attending his grandparents' wedding. I liked his story about his mother and the oranges. That's what a descendant of Jemma would do.

I'm glad they didn't cram everything into these return episodes, like Jemma's wariness of Fitz's dark side. That'll come again.

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