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(Reviews) The Flash 4x14; Legends Of Tomorrow 3x12; Black Lightning 1x6; Arrow 6x14; AOS 5x11

The Flash 4x14; Legends Of Tomorrow 3x12; Black Lightning 1x6; Arrow 6x14; Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 5x11

The Flash 4x14

Yikes, poor Ralph. DeVoe is such an evil, evil man.

Legends Of Tomorrow 3x12

Pirates! Arr, matey! The dread pirate Jiwe! Rory fits right in, doesn't he?

The date with Sara and Ava was fun to watch/ They do fight pirates well together, don't thry? :)

Oh, Ray! What did you think Nora was going to do? Be grateful to you?  Foolish boy.

Rip's got his duster back! And Wally's coming with him. :)

Black Lightning 1x6

Protest, obsession, resentment.  Compelling!

Arrow 6x14

Poor Dinah, eaten by grief and hate. Great scene between Ollie and Dinah.

Poor deluded Quentin. Good scene between him and Laurel.

Gaah, Ollie and his crew really are pushing it. No wonder the other heroes can't trust him or his mates.

Man, these 'heroes' can be as dumb as bricks.

Gotta say, go, Curtis!

What's Laurel's con this time?

The return of Speedy?

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 5x11.

So now the agents are back home and will the future come true?

Great scenes with Deke breathing fresh air, eating real food, drinking real booze...

I hope Enoch survived, too, because it looks as if Noah didn't last long.

Yikes! I thought that Elena's arms would be cut off in the future by Kasius. Instead, it happens almost as soon as they return to the past. Shocking scene.

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