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(Review) Thor 3: Ragnarok

So I finally got around to going to see Thor: Ragnarok and enjoyed it very much. I give it a solid B+ and could nudge it up to A- for sheer entertainment value, but there was a major quirk that keeps it from jumping up.

The lighthearted tone for much of the film was fun but an odd juxtaposition with the high body count. I found it jarring, so therefore the grade. Other movies and TV shows have blended humor with drama much better, IMO.

That also is my complaint with the soundtrack for the final battle. A classical piece would have served better, but the tune they chose did fit the tone of the film. Perhaps they thought the lighthearted moments saved the film from utter grimness.

Having said that, I did enjoy the movie.  There were many scenes worthy of mention.

I did like the scene with Odin. Loki does seek this family's approval. He always had Frigga's and has Thor's, in a way, though Thor recognizes they are on very different paths. Odin does love Loki as his son, and it puzzles me why so many people consider him a bad parent to Loki. He saved Loki from dying of exposure as a baby and took him in. Sure, he had political as well as humane motives, but a king is supposed to think that way. His biggest mistake was not telling Loki sooner about his true heritage, but can you blame him all that much? How would that have gone? "Hey, son, you're really not my biological son but are a member of a race that our people despise." Yup, would've gone over well!

The Thor/Loki scenes were very good. Loki is a weasel who will betray Thor but thankfully Thor has wised up to that. Thor's vision of them fighting side-by-side came true at the end. Sure, Loki had no place else to go, but he did throw in with the Asgardians. He could have thrown in with Hela, instead.

As for betrayal, well, Loki always has a trick or two up his sleeve. You know he grabbed the tesseract from the vault and has it stashed away somewhere. Might come in handy against Thanos in Avengers 3: Infinity War.

Loki is frustrating because you know he can do the right thing but he can't help himself into doing the opposite.
The acting was well done in this movie. Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston have the brother vibe down. That bit with Thor using a 'sick' Loki as a bowling bell to knock down the 'tenpins' was conjured up with just a word. Siblings remember their childhood codes. :)

I liked Karl Urban as Skurge. You could tell he didn't relish being the Queen's Executioner, especially when he was supposed to kill a helpless woman, and he did try to leave Asgard disguised as a refugee but redeemed himself in the end by helping to save the Asgardians.

Liked the Valkyrie (Brunnhilde?) and thought she had good chemistry with Thor, made easier by the earlier line about Jane dumping Thor.

Okay, the scene-stealer? Jeff Goldblum as the Grandmaster! That man can make any part amazing! :)

Hela was a good villain. No redeeming qualities in her!

Loved seeing Mark Ruffalo as Bruce and the Hulk, jittery and befuddled as Banner.

The fight scenes were good and not overly long. A pity that the Warriors Three were dispatched so quickly, though, and WTF was Sif during all this?

I prefer Thor with long hair but don't hate the short look, but am not thrilled with him losing an eye and his hammer.,

Nice to see the scenes with Dr. Strange.

All in all, despite the jarring tone, I enjoyed this movie very much.

I would highly recommend this movie to any Marvel fan in general and Thor fan in particular. Much better than The Dark World.

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