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(Review) Legends Of Tomorrow 3x10; Black Lightning 1x5

Legends Of Tomorrow 3x10; Black Lightning 1x5

BTW, Dreamwidth only allows so many tags and I've reached my limit. Sadly that means newer shows like Black Lightning don't get tags.

Legends Of Tomorrow 3x10

Nice to see the Legends back. Creepy story.

Loved the goodbye scene between Mick and Leonard. "You do know he's watching the TV, right?"

Glad Martin was mentioned.

Black Lightning 1x5

Now, Jefferson, would Bruce talk to Alfred like that? Something's up with Jefferson's headaches and touchiness!

Loved Anissa shopping for her superhero costume! Guess the clerk will know it's her. ;)

Not sure if a painted-on mask is all that practical, and wear gloves, girl! You're leaving fingerprints and DNA all over the place.

Jennifer got in trouble but she bullied the bully. Good for her!

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Tags: captain cold, firestorm, heat wave, legends of tomorrow, leonard snart, martin stein, mick rory, review, tv
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