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(Review) Supergirl 3x11;The Flash 4x11; Black Lightning 1x2; Arrow 6x11; AOS 5x8x9

Supergirl 3x11;The Flash 4x11; Black Lightning 1x2; Arrow 6x11; Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 5x8x9

Supergirl 3x11

I liked Supergirl recruiting Livewire and Psi for her mission to Fort Rozz. I was saddened to see Leslie (Livewire) killed off, though she did sacrifice herself for Kara. I always like the villains who have some good in them.

Alex babysitting was fun, and Brainy being a tech snob was amusing, especially when he had to eat crow when Winn and old-fashioned tech saved the day. :)

I really feel sorry for Sam. She never chose to be Reign.

The Flash 4x11

Ralph is the man! I love his lighthearted approach to crimefighting. Makes the show stay out of the depths of gloom like Arrow. Though I do approve of more serious moments with him, showing the depths of his character. Despite his flaws, he's really a good guy.

Barry has an ally in prison. He's going to need one!

Trickster and Prankster have a good gimmick but they're annoying as hell. Was pretty effective, though, when Trickster looked like he was panicking his first time up against Ralph but then whipped out the acid. Jokeresque!

How Ralph's superhero name came about was pretty good! Love his new costume. The old one was just dorky.

Black Lightning 1x2

Sad to see Lawanda killed, but you knew it was coming. And Jefferson should know that his reconciliation with Lynn is done. Same old problem: Black Lightning!

I loved how excited the elderly doorkeeper was when he saw Black Lightning. :)

Arrow 6x11/i>

Still no resolution to the teams' split but there was plenty of action in this episode.

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 5x8

Robin is frustrating, but that's the prediction game.

Wow, Mac and Yo-Yo are sure taking care of those roaches.

More betrayal.

May as a mother? It fits.

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 5x9.

Lots of good action this week.

Sympathetic to Skye's discomfort with being the Destroyer Of Worlds. Great title unless it's applied to you.

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