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Pats Rally

It's been quite an experience during recovery. Right now I'm watching the New England Patriots rally down at the stadium while resting on the couch. This never gets old. :)

I've been doing a little writing so you might see a step-up in posting from me. Still got tons of stuff to wrap up from 2017 but am starting to make some headway. You'll be getting a mix of Christmas and Halloween and New Year's, ha, ha! Right now I'm working on my Clex Halloween story, which has no deadline, so might wind up finished by next Halloween! :)

Man. am I tired. Naptime after the rally! :)

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Tags: christmas, clark kent/lex luthor, clex, fanfic, football, gillette stadium, halloween, holiday, new england patriots, new year's, pagan, rl, samhain, superman/lex luthor, tom brady, writing
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