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Difficult Decision (LSH) (November 17, 2007)

Legion Of Super Heroes (Episode 7)  (November 17, 2007)  The Batman was a repeat today.

We got to see some of Kell-El’s humanity today.  The child Abel attached himself to Kell because he felt that the Kryptonian could best protect him, but both were raised by robots and there might have been a kinship there from the start.


Kell was uncomfortable (“I’m not good with kids”) and then learns from Imperius that Abel will grow up to invent technology that will create the being who has caused so much death and destruction in the 41st century.


This is a theme done in time travel fiction before.  What if you could have killed Hitler or Stalin before they started their murderous rampages? 


Kell-El’s purpose for existing is to defeat Imperius but when the moment comes for him to kill Abel, he can’t do it.  The El genes are showing!  J


Kell-El learns a lot about himself in this episode, but the dilemma is still an interesting one.  It was done beautifully in “The City On The Edge Of Forever” on Star Trek, and Jim Kirk let Edith Keeler die rather than let his future and millions of lives be sacrificed, despite his love for Edith.


Jim Kirk allowed Edith Keeler’s death to happen.  Kell-El’s choice was different in that he would have had to murder a child.


Of course, this being a kids’ show, we know what choice he was going to make, but it would have been interesting to see what he would have done if this was an ‘adult’ show.



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