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Best Class I Ever Took

So, I'm sitting here yawning and finishing up tasks before I log out when the thought occurred to me (not for the first time) that the best class I ever took in school, at least in terms of practical knowledge, was my typing class. I can type with all ten fingers and not look at the keyboard, a skill one takes for granted unless one doesn't have it. I know plenty of people who type with two fingers and have to look at the board, slowing themselves down. As a writer, this skill of typing without looking is invaluable! :)

I've been going back and forth from reading, updating, and typing. Reading as in enjoying stories recently added to the Superman/Batman Archive. Updating as in putting all my fics up at the Wonderful World of Makebelieve Archive (WWOMB). It's cool to see how many people are reading your fics because both archives have read counts. Typing as in writing reviews and fic.

I've been struggling with certain aspects of "Beautiful Diamond", the WF Heart Of Ice Challenge. When I first read the Challenge, I immediately had a scene pop into my head. I've been writing what comes before it and I've been dissatisfied with some of the scenes I've written so far, so a major revision will be taking place, but the core is good.

I also had several new scenes added in my head for the Superman/Batman Long Series, my working title for this set of stories. I even have a Superman notebook all ready for this one! :) Hopefully this series will be angsty, romantic, and maybe even a little humorous.

I'm wondering if I'll be falling back into a pattern of occasionally coming up with darkfic. I am a very evil person when I get going! ;)

(Yawns) I just realized that in the last few fics I posted to my LJ and various archives, I made Bruce cause his partners (one time Clark, one time Dick) to cry, or at least get all teary-eyed! Oh, dear. Well, he *can* be pretty abrasive, and he *is* sorry, so I'll consider it even. ;)

*Groan* Ever have a story in which you know what you want to do but it's like one of those cars at the arcade where you grip the steering wheel as you struggle to keep the car on the virtual road? I've got a few like that besides "Beautiful Diamond".

Still bummed over the Pats' loss. It's the coming-so-close that gets me! I am not sure if I can stand Super Bowl Week this time around! :)

Tags: bruce wayne, clark kent, dick grayson, robin, superman/batman, writing
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