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(Review) Supergirl 3x9;The Flash 4x9; Legends Of Tomorrow 3x9; Arrow 6x9; Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 5x3

Supergirl 3x9;The Flash 4x9; Legends Of Tomorrow 3x9; Arrow 6x9; Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 5x3

Supergirl 3x9

Loved Kara's Christmas party! Good fic inspiration there. :) And J'onn's father is more adorable every week! Also agree with J'onn about The Empire Strikes Back being a rare superior sequel.

Awkward situation with Imra and Mon-El, but that's not surprising. I recognized Imra's name (Saturn Girl!) but was thrown off a little because Saturn Girl's always been blond in every incarnation.

In a way I wish they hadn't brought Mon-El back, because it almost ruins the Kara/Mon-El romance, but fanfic is for ignoring/changing canon if we want. :)

Reign's kinda ho-hum as a villain. Maybe I just don't like Sam brainwashed into evil.

Sheesh, the two Kryptonians have to wreck a Christmas party?

The Flash 4x9

That Ralph sure is a decorator! :)

Oh, DeVoe is a clever one! Poor Dominic is pretty much done for this world.

Legends Of Tomorrow 3x9

Ha, that's a good use for Beebo!

Very nice chemistry between Sara and Ava. Just kiss already!

Poor Jax. And now he's leaving. I'll miss both him and Martin.

Constantine after the hiatus? Very cool. Though February?

Arrow 6x9

Wow, Rene, shaky ground here, though I understand not wanting to get dragged down with Ollie.

Ollie, why didn't you take John's practical advice and confront the team? Rene probably would've come clean. Instead you spy on them? Rene and Dinah had things to hide but Curtis? Little wonder he was so angry and hurt. His marriage was the cost of being on that team, and he was spied on? Love him telling Ollie and Felicity off.

I'm thinking Laurel's pulling a con. Sure, Quentin might be her Achilles heel, but she could be setting Quentin up as a possible unwitting ally later.

All the villains (including Vince!) breaking Team Arrow apart? Frankly, they were always pretty shaky to begin with.

Felicity's father around? Is he mixed up in this somehow?

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 5x3

Go, Skye! Rescue Jemma!

The Kree are savages! Tricking a young girl into thinking she's going to be an Ambassador and travel the stars while in reality she'll be a gladiator or soldier?

Has Coulson found a Resistance Movement on what's left of Earth?

I love May just wanting to sleep in her own bed after months of being stuck in the Framework and now this hellhole.

Skye betrayed? Or is it truly just the Long Game?

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