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2017 Wish List

wish_list is up and running again this year!

It's that time of year again for the wish_list! :)

I had a great time last year giving and receiving. It’s a great way to celebrate the holidays! :)

If you can fulfill any wishes, PM for my address (where applicable), please. My e-mail can be found on my Profile Page.

A big THANK YOU for any wishes you may grant!

I have a Paid Account on LJ but need extra userpics to enjoy (especially during the holidays) while I have that account. Usually it’s 3 packages of extra userpics.

On Dreamwidth, my Paid Account is expiring next month. I’ve been using that social media platform a lot more this year and would like to continue to use the Paid Account features.

Anything Wonder Woman-related! The DVD of the movie, dolls, magnets, anything! I’m also a big fan of the 1st season of the ‘70s Lynda Carter TV series (wasn’t as much fun when they went from the World War II ‘40s to the then-contemporary ‘70s for the last few seasons).

That’s a nice segue into my Fanworks request: any fanwork with Wonder Woman as the focus, and extra points if it’s Diana/Steve-centered. After decades of this iconic couple shoved aside by DC, it’s a pleasure to see them front-and-center again!

Fanworks focusing on the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes, but if you go the Steve Rogers/Tony Stark route, I won’t object! ;)

I’ve been eating a lot at Subway the last few years so would love a gift card for that restaurant chain.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

If you'd like to visit the comm, click here: https://wish-list.livejournal.com/265755.html

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