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Week 13: New England 23, Buffalo Bills 3 (10-2) (Sunday, December 3, 2017)

Week 13: New England Patriots 23, Buffalo Bills 3 (10-2) (Sunday, December 3, 2017)

Slow start but the Pats revved things up in the second half. Gronk was a beast and was getting mugged the entire game, one incident causing a turnover. The refs can't SEE the guy being held/interfered with/mugged? Because if they can and aren't calling it, there's something fishy going on. Tom's got an INT on his record that shouldn't be there. >:(

Red zone inefficiencies continued in the first half but became efficient in the second half. Run defense stunk but points were not scored very often by Buffalo. Still room for improvement but Pats are rollin'.

Brady recorded the most wins for a quarterback against a single opponent (the Bills): 27.

Pats win, Bills lose, and the Dolphins and Jets lose.


NE 10-2
BUFF 6-6
Miami 5-7
NYJ 5-7

Next week: the Pats travel to Miami for Monday Night Football.

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