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(Review) Justice League

So I saw the movie, going in with low expectations, especially after hearing that the movie is a box office flop and the reviews were mixed at best, but I was a bit skeptical of the reviews, as for some reason there are people out there eager to see DC and Warner Brothers fail, or just critics who hate the superhero genre in general and would like to see it gone.  So I decided to go in with as open a mind as possible.

I was the superhero of the day!  When the bridge ‘Enjoy The Show’ message between the ads and previews kept running in an endless loop and nothing changed nine minutes after the previews were supposed to start running, I went to the manager and informed him that something was wrong. I figured nine minutes was enough to wait!  Five minutes after I returned the previews started, and the crowd was appreciative of my initiative. :)

I enjoyed more than I expected to.  I give it a solid ‘B’. I thought about nudging it up to a ‘B+’, but let’s not get crazy! :)  Anyway, it passed the Time Test for me: I never once looked at my phone to see what time it was!

Okay, the review:

First, the negatives to get those out of the way:

One) The DC universe is still too dark for me. Everything looks so drab and colorless.  Gotham I can buy, but Metropolis?  Even after Superman’s death it should still be the City of Tomorrow.  I don’t think Zack Snyder realizes he can spend some of his millions of his budget on lighting!

Two) Darkseid would have been a lot grimmer, and I thought he was supposed to show up, but I’m okay with him not making an appearance.  Apokalips has always been full of sadism and torture, two things I’m not fond of, and the whole hellish scenario was pretty grimdark.

Three) Wonder Woman’s power was dialed down.  The woman who defeated Ares and Doomsday could not take on Steppenwolf?  Same for her sister Amazons.  It’s comics canon that she can trade blows with Superman so Clark coming in to save the day left me a tad irritated for Diana’s sake.  However, I give it a pass because as Bruce said, she had stayed in the shadows for a century, and Clark was the embodiment of hope and inspiration.  His appearance during the battle should have radiated ultimate power. 

The positives:

One) Humor!  Barry provided most of it but there were good quips for the other characters, too, especially Arthur.

Two) Arthur.  I knew I was going to like him.  He always seems on the verge of a smile.  The scene with the Lasso was priceless. :)

Three) I was pleased at the characterizations of Barry and Vic.  They weren’t just background heroes but played important parts in the battles. 

Four) Affleck and Gal seemed way more comfortable with their characters this time around, which meant that as an audience, we’re more invested in them.

Five) FINALLY!  This was the first time I really liked Henry Cavill as Superman, probably because he ACTED like Superman instead of Emo Boy!  This guy I could buy as a symbol of hope and inspiration to civilians and other heroes.

Six) I liked it when Diana exhibited her displeasure at Bruce’s below-the-belt crack about Steve.  Bruce has to remember that his sharp tongue can draw unpleasant reactions from super-strong people!

Seven) For Clark/Bruce fans, there’s a good undercurrent, and Clark kept talking about Bruce and Bruce?  He’s practically falling at Clark’s feet!  Sure, we get Clark tossing Bruce aside as Lois brings him out of his post-resurrection confusion, but you could use that.  Write unrequited love for Bruce!  Or Clark focusing on Lois but Bruce is always in the back of his mind.  Bruce/Diana fans might see something in their scenes together but I still think it’s more friends than anything else.

Eight) Appreciation of Superman’s power. How cool was that scene with the Flash using his speed and Clark CAN SEE HIM? I also enjoyed their footrace at the end. :)

Nine) Barry was dorky and funny, and for those saying that’s more Wally than Barry, read some early Silver Age stories with Barry being kinda dorky and klutzy, though older than this version.

Ten) Poor Victor.  I can see why he was so messed up.  Not an easy situation to wake up half-machine.

Eleven) Yeah, I’m going to see the Aquaman movie. :)  Maybe it’s the long hair, but Arthur reminds me a lot of Marvel’s Thor. And those beautiful blue eyes!  *sighs*

Twelve) Wonder Woman. She was amazing in the bank scene and in every other scene, too.  I can’t wait for her sequel! And including the Amazons was fantastic!

Thirteen) Loved mentions of Steve. Diana knew him for less than a week and he’s still a part of her a century later.  True Love!

Fourteen) The loss of the Kent Farm was strongly symbolic of the darkness of this particular universe, but hope came back with the Kents getting it back. And Bruce's voice will always hitch on Martha's name.

Fifteen) Bruce's cry of "Claaark!!!" when the Mother Box explodes is pure slash, my friends. :)

Sixteen) Clark's crack about maybe wanting to be dead again after the Mother Box explosion, and his laughter of relief with Vic at still being alive.

Seventeen) "You won't let me live, and you won't let me die."

Eighteen) Optimism for the future for all the Justice Leaguers.

Nineteen) Slade Wilson?  Oh, yeah!


So the movie is considered a box office flop right now. Where does that leave the DCEU? I've heard speculation that WB may scrap it, but they've got Aquaman in the can and Wonder Woman 2 greenlighted. Though, either one could be detached from the DCEU, especially Wonder Woman 2. Ans Shazam! could very easily be detached. Shouldn't be part of the main universe, anyway, just like it shouldn't be in the comics, IMO.

There are two post-credit scenes.  Stay 'til the end!

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Nov. 28th, 2017 01:46 am (UTC)
My absolute favorite scene in the movie? When Flash realized Clark could see him. Niiiice!

I've been a Bats/Supes shipper from way back, but that looked to me to be a strictly one-way street. :D
Nov. 29th, 2017 12:10 am (UTC)
That was an AWESOME scene!

Yeah, unrequited love, though Clark sure talks about Bruce a lot. :)
Nov. 28th, 2017 12:53 pm (UTC)
I'm so glad to hear that the movie is better than you expected. I seems to me, too, that the critics are down on DC, so I wasn't going to give them any credit, anyway, but, still, it's nice to hear that someone actually liked the movie.

I'm not sure what the Superman-Bruce interaction is supposed to mean, but, being a Batman/Nightwing shipper, I'm going to ignore it. *g*
Nov. 29th, 2017 12:12 am (UTC)
Ha, I can compartmentalize, because you know I love my Dynamic Duo! ;)

I would recommend this movie to any comics/superhero fan.
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