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(Reviews) Supergirl 3x7;The Flash 4x7; Legends Of Tomorrow 3x7; Arrow 6x7 

Supergirl 3x7;The Flash 4x7; Legends Of Tomorrow 3x7; Arrow 6x7 

Supergirl 3x7

Well, that's a shocker! Mon-El's been gone 7 years for him but only 7 months for Kara. At first I thought he might've been an imposter with his cool distance, but time travel will do that to you. And happily he found the Legion of Super Heroes in the 31st Century.

J'onn and his father are adorable together! After so much tragedy in their lives, I hope they get some lighthearted storylines as both try to adjust: M'yrnn to Earth and J'onn to living with Dad again! :)

Sam gets her desert Fortress and turns evil. *shudders*

The Flash 4x7

DeVoe's going to be tough to beat. A super-intellect? Yikes!

Legends Of Tomorrow 3x7

I liked Mick getting to know his father. They've done some really good character development with the man who started out as a one-dimensional pyromaniac.

Grodd is a great villain. Fantastic scene with Amaya.

Arrow 6x7

Go, Curtis! Felicity heard about your idea and steamrolled her way over you.

John was right about putting his family second while Ollie's was first. Ollie had a point about John jeopardizing the team, but how dare he get on his high horse when John sacrificed so much. Thank goodness he had the sense to apologize.

Agent Watson is quickly getting on my nerves.

Yay for Thea waking up! :)

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