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(Reviews) Supergirl 3x6;The Flash 4x6; Legends Of Tomorrow 3x6; Arrow 6x6 

Supergirl 3x6;The Flash 4x6; Legends Of Tomorrow 3x6; Arrow 6x6 

Supergirl 3x6

Teenagers are sullen monsters, but it's understandable that Alex would resent Kara in the beginning. Tough to go from being an only child to being told to protect a sudden, superpowered sibling! And Alex's father going away in connection with Kara, too.

On Kara's side, she isn't Clark. She has memories of her parents and Krypton so it's hard to adjust.

Future Alex and Kara were foreshadowed during the murder mystery.  Loved Kara beating up on the obnoxious football player!

Oh, yes, J'onn's car is the perfect road trip vehicle! And J'onn taking on Allura's appearance was sweet.

I must say that the Supers know how to take care of their own: Noel Neill and Kirk Alyn in Superman I, Noel and Jack Larsen in Superman Returns, Helen Slater in Smallville, and Helen, Dean Cain, and Erica Durance in Supergirl. Wish the Bats and Wonders would do the same. Where was Adam West and Burt Ward in the Batman movies or Lynda Carter in Wonder Woman?    

The Flash 4x6

Poor Ralph. He knew he screwed up. I love him visiting the little girl in the hospital and doing balloon animals, tee hee. But Ralph needs a new costume! Though he did originally wear purple when he debuted in the Silver Age comics.   

Legends Of Tomorrow 3x6

Lots of good stuff here. LOVE Hedy Lamarr! Radar was her invention.I can see why Martin was so taken with her.

The Freaky Friday switch was pretty funny.

Amaya got quite a shock!

I enjoyed the '30s Hollywood ambience. Heyday of the studios!

Poor Helen. If she'd been arrogant or enjoyed men fighting over her, she would have been totally unsympathetic.

Anyone else excited when you realized what island it was? :) And how perfect was her being brought to Themyscira? If she becomes immortal, too, she could be around when Diana is born. :)

To think of her beauty being appreciated by the Amazons without fighting! Helen will be very happy there.

Arrow 6x6

Slade's got it rough, but I suppose if you take up murder as a living, don't br surprised if your son follows in your footsteps.

Glad John came clean to Lyla and the team, but now what? An injury like that should end his time in the field, but then who's Green Arrow?

Wow, first the CW yanks Arrow out of its usual slot for Riverdale, and now they're airing a new episode on Thanksgiving night while Riverdale gets to save theirs? How the mighty have fallen!

All the superhero shows are new next week. I approve! :)

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