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Supergirl 3x5;The Flash 4x5; Legends Of Tomorrow 3x5; Arrow 6x5 

Supergirl 3x5

Poor Lena! Always a pariah. Good thing Sam and Kara are on her side.

Morgan Edge is evil!

So Alex and Maggie broke up. I would love to see them back together, but I fear they'll have Maggie change her mind. I hope she doesn't. Some people just don't want kids.

The Danvers girls are going home!

The Flash 4x5

In the long history of comics, no wedding-related event has ever gone off without a hitch (ha, ha). The Flash kept up that tradition with the girls going after a metavillain and the boys ending up at a strip club and Barry getting drunk.  If you want a guy to liven up the party, Ralph Dibny's your man!  He was the only one enjoying himself at that little shindig.

Legends Of Tomorrow 3x5

This was a good episode. Very spooky with vampires, resurrections, and foggy old London.  Mick reading Bram Stoker's Dracula was pretty funny. Nate's energy seemed like he was still high!  The medium was appropriately mysterious.

Damien Darhk?  He's like a cockroach!  Ya can't get rid of him!

I find it rich that Sara and crew condemn Rip for betrayal when they've forgiven Mick's betrayal...twice.  Rip's a guy who might not trust people, but he's someone who works best by using his instincts and keeping things close to the vest.  I had a bad taste in my mouth when Sara betrayed Rip to the Time Bureau.  I just hope Rip returns.

Arrow 6x5

A shocking reveal for Dinah, and Slade requesting Oliver's help. A surprise for Slade! The plot thickens all around.

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