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(Reviews) Supergirl 3x4;The Flash 4x4; Legends Of Tomorrow 3x4; Arrow 6x4 

Supergirl 3x4;The Flash 4x4; Legends Of Tomorrow 3x4; Arrow 6x4 

Supergirl 3x4

Not surprising that Supergirl and Superman would be worshipped as gods with their powers. When people beseech their hwlp, they usually answer.

Mean ol' Maggie doesn't want kids? Refreshing! I suppose she'll change her mind (Hollywood loves that trope) but I hope she doesn't. Not everyone thinks kids are great or wants to raise them. Either Alex accepts that or calls off the wedding.

The Flash 4x4

Ralph's way edgier than his comics self but still a detective ans still funny. We got the nose twitch! :)

I'm glad Barry lost the self-righteous attitude.

Ralph needs Sue (comics wife).

Legends Of Tomorrow 3x4

Poor Ray! Lonely kids do stupid things.

Great trick-or-treating scene with Ray & Friends. :)

Arrow 6x4


Super-Felicity! I like Ollie on the sidelines, but Felicity as Bat-God? She wines, she dines, she hacks, she fights, all in high heels! *groans*

Was anyone else disturbed by Black Siren's cold-blooded murder of that poor guard with the three daughters? I know violence is everywhere, but was that really necessary?

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